Did A Bogus Copyright Claim Erase A Negative Drake Review From Google?

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A vaguely negative review of Drake's Take Care has been erased from Google after Universal Music Group filed a bogus copyright complaint.


The Megaupload Controversy Plot Thickens

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As you might remember, Megaupload recently posted a star-studded video defending itself recently to YouTube, only for Universal Music Group to issue a takedown notice.

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Tony Starks Strikes Back: Ghosftace Killah Sues Universal Music, Fights “Ironman” Lawsuit

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Ghostface and his team of suits aren't looking to lay back and accept any L's on the legal front.

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Supreme Court Victory Grants Eminem A Few Million

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The Consumerist: "Whether the arena be the Grammys, Oscars or freestyle rap battles, you don't want to face Eminem as an opponent.

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Six Out-Of-Print Hip-Hop Albums That We Needed Yesterday

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It never dawned on me that albums ever went out of print until all my CD's were stolen from my dorm room during my freshmen year of college.

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1.24 The Cooler

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Alicia Placencia Antoine Dodson Shooting His Own Reality Show [Vibe] Nicki Minaj Signs Boobs In London [The Urban Daily] How Will Google Survive Without Their Adult Supervision.

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TSS Presents Consequence’s Movies On Demand: Menu Guide

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Spoiler alert: Consequence's Movies On Demand will go down as one of the best mixtapes of 2010.

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G.O.O.D. Music, Nah Right & Universal Motown Present Consequence – Movies On Demand

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Conceptually, this looks way too elaborate to be given away for free, but Dexter is a trooper and he isn't so far removed that he doesn't understand you have to give a little to get a lot in today's game.

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Universal Records Disgraces King Of Pop

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Imagine if every time you were cruising your whip, getting down to a jam, the record label of said song sent you a subpoena saying you didn't have the rights to sing-along.

Warner Music

Invisible Art

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You have to tip your hat to the people at Apple.

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It’s Here….

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Sandisk just unveiled their Sansa slotMusic Player Wednesday morning which will be compatible with their slotMusic media cards.

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