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‘Jurassic World’ Hides A Hint Or Two In These Corporate Videos

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The 'Jurassic World' team parodies corporate marketing materials... and hints at a darker purpose to Isla Nublar.


Josh Gad Says The Script For His ‘Twins’ Sequel Is Ready And Waiting

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Josh Gad says the script for 'Triplets' is finished and just waiting for someone to give a sh*t.


Norway’s National Library Just Discovered A Lost Disney Christmas Cartoon From 1927


A new Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon has been found in the archives of Norway’s National Library.

#Jurassic World

‘Jurassic World’ Director Colin Trevorrow Breaks Down The Trailer Shot-By-Shot


No, Judy Greer does not flash anyone. But there's a lot of good stuff tucked away in the 'Jurassic World' trailer anyway.


Universal Warms Up Sony’s Leftovers To Bring Back Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic


Just a few days after Sony dropped Aaron Sorkin's take on the Apple founder, Universal has pushed the 30-second button on the microwave.

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Chris Pratt To Star In ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’ As Our Second-Favorite Secret Agent

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Chris Pratt is set to play the titular Cowboy Ninja Viking in 'Cowboy Ninja Viking', hopefully channels the special ops agent Burt Macklin style.

universal monsters

Universal Is Keeping Their Monsters Far Away From The Horror Genre

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The Universal Monsters are no longer horror characters, opting now to be action heroes.

universal monsters

Universal’s Monster Universe Puts Some Award-Winners In Charge

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The writer behind 'Fargo' as a TV series, Hugh Jackman as an angry father, and 'Men In Black' are taking over Universal's monster franchises.


Universal Wants To Make Multiple Fast/Furious Sequels With Justin Lin, Says Report

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Could Justin Lin return for 8 Fast 8 Furious and 9 Fast 9 Furious? A new report says yes!

matt damon

Ben Affleck Helps Matt Damon Confirm He’s Returning To Play ‘Bourne’ With Director Paul Greengrass

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were just being chummy about fitness on the red carpet and then we got a random Jason Bourne announcement.


‘Ouija’ Has Set A New Standard For Obnoxious Prank-vertising

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How to make prank-vertising even more obnoxious? Apply it to a Michael Bay-produced movie about a board game.

uncle buck

ABC Is Trying To Turn ‘Uncle Buck’ Into A Sitcom Now, Too

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Even though it already failed once as a sitcom, ABC wants to bring the 1989 John Candy classic 'Uncle Buck' back again.

dracula untold

‘Dracula Untold’ Is The First Movie In The ‘Universal Monsters’ Reboot

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Looks like 'Dracula Untold' wants to be the Iron Man of Universal Monsters.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger Plans To Embarrass Himself In ‘King Conan’ Next Year

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'King Conan' is still going forward, despite the fact that it's going to be embarrassing for everyone.

the mummy

‘The Mummy’ Is Officially Being Rebooted, But Who’s The Director?

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The Mummy reboot has a director mostly known for explosions and dudes creeping on their half-sisters.


Luc Besson Has Some Words For The Haters Of Bad Science In ‘Lucy’ (And Three Clips)

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Luc Besson has something to say about the bad science in 'Lucy', and we have three new clips featuring Scarlett Johansson.


‘Ouija’ Has A Trailer. Haha, Remember Board Game Movies?

By | 32 Comments

The dead board game movie genre comes back to haunt the living in 'Ouija.'

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