Xavier University

A Breakdown Of 7 Major Conference Tournaments


Many may argue conference tournament week is better than the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

University of Louisville

adidas Unveils New Uniforms For 6 College Basketball Teams

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During last season's NCAA Tournament, I remember Baylor's Crazy Light 2s being the talk of the tournament.

University Of North Carolina

Jordan Brand “Coaches vs. Cancer” Sneaker Collection

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Team Jordan schools are doing their part to raise awareness of cancer and promote healthy living by joining the Coaches vs.


Dime Q&A: Lamond Murray Talks LeBron, Lockout Differences, NCAA Recruiting & NBA Memories

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When former 11-year NBA player Lamond Murray began to help his son and daughter research colleges, he came across a company named NCSA that was dedicated to helping young athletes find the right colleges for them.


Jordan Evolution ’85 – Cal Player Exclusive


Like Georgetown, if you're looking for a great program and some great swag in your college choice, Cal just may be the spot for you.


Flies Like To Get Buzzed


Anita Devineni at The University of California San Francisco has one of the coolest jobs ever: she helps flies get their swerve on.

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