The Miami Hurricanes Are Short Some Players


In case you hadn't heard, there was a little story about the University of Miami that flew under the radar last week, involving a booster who claimed to have given a bunch of hookers and cash to Hurricanes players over the past decade.


Morning Links: Football, Mousey Starlets

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Sports LOLNFL: Preseason 2011 Week 1 - The reasonable adult approach to professional sports is to wait for the pictures to go up and put a bunch of block letter words over them.


You Can’t Spell F*cked Without The U

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When the mail arrives today, the folks at Yahoo.


“It’s All About ‘The U’…”

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If ESPN doesn't win some type of award for their "<a href="http://30for30.espn.com">30 for 30</a>" series, something is criminally wrong.

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