Kim English: The 2012 NBA Draft’s Best Kept Basketball Student

When most basketball players think of ways to improve their game, their thoughts center on what they can do physically.


The Knicks Find Another Phenom; Duke & Missouri KO’D In Huge March Madness Upsets

Between the time that we're writing this and the time you're going to read it, the domain name Woodsanity.


Oklahoma State’s Markel Brown Unleashes The Dunk Of The Year


I'm not sure what's more unbelievable: This "OMG" alley-oop in the closing minutes of a close game with the No.

University of Missouri

The Fate Of College Basketball’s 6 Undefeated & 6 Winless Teams

You can hand out all the midseason grades you want in college basketball, but at either end of the bell curve are the outliers — classes of teams either getting all A's or F's.

University Of Oregon

Mizzou Lands Star Transfer Jabari Brown From Oregon

A year after announcing on ESPNU as an Oakland High School senior that he would play college basketball at Oregon, heralded guard Jabari Brown appears to have chosen his next destination in a quieter fashion Monday.

Will Barton

Duke Is Unbeatable In Maui; Metta World Peace Challenges MJ To A Game Of 1-On-1


If Duke played all of their games out in Maui, they might end up as the greatest college team ever.

Xavier University

10 College Basketball Teams Flying Under The Radar This Year


Every year, one team makes a surprisingly deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

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