Chiddy Bang – “By Your Side” Video


"She's the leader of my fan club, so I show her damn love/ It don't even matter if she with you, she'll always show her man love" Despite Chiddy Bang not mentioning Philadelphia by name, both the lyrics and new video to "By Your Side" sure seem dedicated to the City Of Brotherly Love.


Eminem – “50 Ways”

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My Slim Shady bias has been dwindling over the past few months.


Little Brother – “Star”

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Checking the labeling of the song, Phonte dubbed this one "Straight from myTunes to yoTunes.


LL’s Lost Album Gets Found

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Contra™ shot me the link & info on this one.


And It Don’t Stop…

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The DubCC forums have been dropping new, unreleased Pac like an overflow from Santa's sleigh this week.


Nas – “I Have To”

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Doesn't need a what or a why.


“Broken Chains…”

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You can check the link for the full story behind this one, but essentially it's the masters, unreleased vocals & instrumentals that lead to a sometimes forgotten Hip-Hop opus.


Notorious B.I.G. – “Microphone Murderer” Demo

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Apparently this was the demo that got Big signed.


Lauryn Hill – “World Is A Hustle”

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Previously unreleased Lauryn but the handcuffs were taken off by.


A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario (Unreleased Demo Version)

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As if I really needed another reason to believe in the greatness of Kelvin Mercer, Robbie from Unkut sent this joint over.


Lupe The Gangsta…

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Drew over at Fake Shore Drive is like a magnet to everything Chicago.

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