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End Of A Must-See Era: NBC Released Its ‘Parks’-Less Fall 2014 Lineup

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NBC released its fall schedule today. It looks very different than in years past.

#fall tv preview

The 5 Biggest Questions We Have About Yesterday’s Frustrating Upfronts

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The most important questions about the most important news to happen at the Upfronts.


Which of CBS's Four New Shows Is the Worst? It's Elementary, My Dear

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CBS, which is the top-rated network among all viewers for the reasons that I explained yesterday, is introducing only four new shows to their geriatric slate of procedurals: One bad comedy, and one iffy drama, and two bad procedurals, one of which makes me want to strangle kittens.


The 12 Canceled Shows with Higher Ratings than NBC's 'Community'

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We give an enormous amount of crap to NBC for its treatment of "Community" and the way it is often promoted the show, and perhaps the crap is deserved.


Previewing ABC's Fall Schedule: In Shawn Ryan We Trust

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ABC is the third network this week to release clips for all their new shows, and they actually look the worst.


CBS's Fall Schedule Is Still Pleasing to Your Doddering Old Grandparents

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FACT: The average age of a CBS viewer if 55 years old, and that even takes into account the younger age of "Big Bang Theory" and "2 Broke Girls" viewers, so if you take those two sitcoms out of the equation, the average age of a CBS viewer is probably pushing 60.


ABC's New Fall Schedule: 'Happy Endings' Moves to Time-Slot Death

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ABC will be returning next year with a whopping 10 new series.


Ranking Fox's New Fall Shows From Best to Worst, Based on Their Preview Clips

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Yesterday, we gave you details on the new Fox schedule, a schedule heavy on singing competitions and light on new shows.


Fox's Fall Schedule Includes a Lot of Singing and Product Placement

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Fox has unveiled their fall schedule ahead of their upfront presentation, and their strategy mostly seems to be: If it ain't broke, let's milk it for another season.


Ranking NBC's New Fall Shows, from Best to Worst, Based on their Preview Clips

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This week is the upfronts, in which the networks present their new schedules and preview the shows they've picked up for the fall and spring season.

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