Introducing ‘Fapworthy,’ PornHub’s Site That Puts Upworthy Titles On Porn Clips

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The clever folks at PornHub finally answered the question of what it might look like if a porn site used Upworthy headlines.


What If Classic Novels Had Clickbait Upworthy Titles?

By | 2 Comments

These 10 Upworthy-retitled classics answer the question, 'What if books were whorishly titled, optimizing our search engines rather than our imaginations?'


With This One Weird Trick, Downworthy Makes Clickbait Headlines Tell The Truth

By | 5 Comments

Downworthy literally replaces the most common hyperbolic phrases in headlines with more realistic substitutes. Our minds are BLOWN. Literally!


Sci-Fi Shows Get Upworthy Headlines. What Happens Next May Something Something.

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Upworthy headlines are easy to parody, and SFFworthy is here to apply the same clickbait headline style to sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows.


These Classic ‘Simpsons’ Moments As Upworthy Headlines Will Restore Your Faith In Something Something

By | 20 Comments

What Happened When One Person Started A Tumblr That Imagines Moments From "The Simpsons" As Upworthy-Style Headlines? The Answer May Surprise You.

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