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Did Kevin Costner Really Almost Cost Cal Ripken, Jr. The Streak After Sleeping With His Wife?

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Is the nearly 20 year old rumor about Kevin Costner banging the wife of Cal Ripken, Jr. actually true?


The Truth Is Finally Revealed About Bears Being Attracted To Menstruation

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So are bears naturally drawn to women who are menstruating or was Brick from 'Anchorman' lying?


T.I. Tells The Story Of How One Of His Biggest Songs Was Almost A Throwaway

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T.I. tells talks about his hesitation in making the 'Urban Legend' song "Bring'Em Out" with Swizz Beatz.


Avenging Man’s Best Friend: ‘John Wick’ And The Hollywood Tradition Of Dog Deaths

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Is 'John Wick' the best movie to ever tackle the subject of avenging man's best friend? Let's examine Hollywood's dog deaths.

Urban Legend

The iPod Shuffle – T.I.’s “ASAP”

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"Listen nigga this shit here is more than just a lotta rhymes, I don't know what ya do for your respect, but I'mma die for mine" In between trips back and forth to the bing, Tip used to really hammer out some heat but now it seems like he can't find his step again.


“A King Of One’s Self…”

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As much as artists (and fans) may not want to admit, comparisons are one of the most prevalent pillars in Hip-Hop.

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