USA Calls It Quits On Eliza Coupe’s ‘Benched’ After One Season

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Eliza Coupe's latest series, 'Benched,' has been canceled by USA after one season due to poor ratings.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Please Enjoy The Taiwanese Animators Horrifying Take On USA Vs. Ghana

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The USA might come off looking pretty fair weather to the Taiwanese Animators, but who cares? We won!

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Delta Airlines Posted A Controversial Tweet Following The USA’s World Cup Victory Over Ghana

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Delta Airlines thought their tweet was innocent enough, but it has many claiming "racism."


Donna’s Greatest Reactions On ‘Suits’

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We love Donna, and we love her reactions even more. Here's why, in GIF form.


A Russian Fighter Jet Repeatedly Buzzed Past The USS Donald Cook In The Black Sea

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Tensions are building in the Black Sea as a Russian fighter jet repeatedly buzzed past a US Warship.


Here's How Cap's To Do List In 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Varies By Country

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Skippy the Bush Kangaroo? Here's how much Captain America's list of things he needs to learn about varies depending on which country the movie is playing.


Let’s Prepare For ‘Psych: The Musical’ By Checking Out The Best Of Burton Guster

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'Psych' is returning with a musical special and to celebrate, here's a look at the best character on the show: Gus


‘Happy Endings’ Alum Eliza Coupe Will Star In A New USA Lawyer Sitcom

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Eliza Coupe has signed on to star in a new sitcom for USA about a corporate lawyer who ends up becoming a public defender after a nervous breakdown.


Say Goodbye To Burn Notice With These Fan Tribute Videos To Michael Westen

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As Burn Notice's series finale aired tonight, Michael Westen and the show's characters have long been celebrated on YouTube with some music video tributes.


One Million American Cockroaches Escaped From A Chinese Farm

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One million American cockroaches escaped a Chinese roach farm in Jiangsu. Now you have that image in your head. You're welcome.


Soldier Shocks Family With Early Homecoming Scuba Surprise


Captain Hyrum Bronson returns home three weeks early from his deployment to Afghanistan and sneaks up on his family by scuba diving.


Happy Memorial Day, Friends


If you missed it in the headline, Happy Memorial Day, everybody.


USA Is FINALLY Making A Drama About Aliens Set During World War II

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"Horizon centers on a secretary at the FBI who discovers that her husband might have been killed in a battle with a spaceship in the South Pacific." YES.


The Hug Lady


Elizabeth Laird, known as "The Hug Lady" by the soldiers at Ft.


Gene Therapy Treatment Surprisingly Useful In Four Hemophiliac Patients


Google image searching "hemophilia" is horrifying, so here's a cat checking her blood pressure instead.


What’s On Tonight: Football

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NFL Football: Saints at Packers (NBC) - My cable has been going in and out all day because Eastern Pennsylvania is mostly underwater.


Charisma Carpenter Is News

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Charisma Carpenter, the "Buffy" and "Angel" star who The actress will guest-star in this season’s 11th episode as Nicki, a sharp-tongued, high-maintenance trophy wife whose not-so-better half, a bioweapons engineer, is a wanted man in cahoots with the Russians.

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