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The Xbox One’s Used Game Policies Confuse Publishers, Too

By | 36 Comments

Among the people with no idea what to make of the Xbox One's used game features? Ubisoft and EA.

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The Xbox One Used Games Situation Is Clarified, Also Worse

By | 92 Comments

The Xbox One will allow used games. Sort of. You just have to figure out if the publisher will allow it, and under what circumstances, and to who. Really.

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The Xbox One Will Have Used Games…But Retailers May Not Sell Them

By | 33 Comments

The Xbox One will apparently have used games. In theory. The way Microsoft has built the system, you simply may not be able to find any.

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Microsoft Ain’t Care: The Next Xbox May Still Require An Internet Connection And Block Used Games

By | 29 Comments

Seems like Microsoft is feeling generous, may be planning to hand Sony and Nintendo a nice juicy competitive advantage...

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Enjoy Used Games While You Can: No Second-Hand Games For The Next Xbox

By | 64 Comments

Reselling something you bought legally? Pssh -- what kind of scumbag wants to do something like that?


Who Really Gives You The Best Value For Your Used Games?

By | 18 Comments

It's a tradition as old as gaming: you buy a game, play it until you've squeezed every moment of sweet enjoyment out of it, and then sell it to finance your next round of gaming.

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Are Used Games Really Pushing Consoles Towards Multiplayer?

By | 8 Comments

Frontier Developments' David Braben recently weighed in on why so, so many games are going with a deep multiplayer mode at the possible cost of a strong single-player campaign.


Dear Jameson Durall: YOU Feel Used?

By | 11 Comments

Jameson Durall, a design director over at Volition, <a href="http://gamasutra.com/view/news/40104/Opinion_I_feel_used.php">published an opinion piece on Gamasutra</a> that was found and sent to us by our own Surly Badger.

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Five Reasons the XBox 720 Should Embrace Used Games

By | 16 Comments

In case you hadn't heard, Kotaku's Stephen Totilo dropped a major bombshell yesterday in the form of announcing a rumor that the XBox 720 or NextBox or whatever you want to call it <a href="http://kotaku.com/5879202/sources-the-next-xbox-will-play-blu+ray-may-not-play-used-games-and-will-introduce-kinect-2?popular=true">wouldn't play used games</a>.

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Is GameStop Getting Rid of Its Used Game Section?


Is GameStop going to stop selling its wildly profitable used games in favor of, um, selling monkeys or something.

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