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Robert De Niro Is Looking Pretty Serious In The First Still For ‘Hands Of Stone’

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In 'Hands of Stone,' Robert De Niro plays boxing trainer Ray Arcel, who was in Roberto Durán's when he quit during his rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard.


Nick Offerman’s “Rainbow Song”


<a href="">Nick Offerman</a> sings a romantic and filthy rainbow-themed song for his wife, Megan Mullally.

OMG: Watch Usher Play With The Afghan Whigs At SXSW

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Ah, the power of SXSW, bringing two very different acts (Usher and the Afghan Whigs) together.


The Best Goat Remixes


Ever since the super viral <a href="">Goats Yelling Like Humans</a> compilation came out in early February, "goating" (the trend of adding yelling goats to popular songs) has been taking the Internet by storm.


Allow Kate Upton To Take You Behind The Scenes Of Her Mercedes Super Bowl Ad

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“A great Super Bowl commercial tells a story,” says some girl as the behind-the-scenes look at <a href="">Kate Upton’s already-famous Mercedes Super Bowl ad</a> begins.


Usher’s Constitutional Rights Are More Important Than Your Constitutional Rights

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"Usher was ushered to the front of the line when he came through a back door at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building in Roswell." DEMOCRACY.


Grandma Dances Like Usher


Her dedication is irreplaceable (unlike her hips).


The 10 Albums Released Since 2000 That Have Sold Over 10 Million Copies

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Ten albums released since 2000 that have achieved Diamond status, a.k.a. sold over 10 million copies, including Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory.

Usher Plays Bass, Covers Foster The People's 'Pumped Up Kicks' Rather Amazingly

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I have to say that the internet, for all of its wonders, has kind of killed cover songs for me.


SNL Celebrates Their 100th Digital Short With A Cadre Of Awesome Special Guests


To celebrate their 100th Digital Short, the SNL crew premiered a music video bringing back several celebrity guests and referencing some of their most popular shorts.


Were All Hip Hop Stars Adorable First Graders?

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I'm not usually never one to share photo compilations of young boys -- I am very <a href="" target="_blank">Frank Reynolds</a> when it comes to that sort of thing.


Oprah Goat Is My Spirit Animal

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This video has apparently been online for a year, but I just saw it for the first time on <a href="" target="_blank">FilmDrunk</a> this morning, and it absolutely made my day.


Oprah Winfrey Versus The Internet’s Favorite Yelling Goat, WHO YA GOT?


YouTube member <a href="">Arjen92</a> has put together the Oprah Winfrey and yelling goat mashup to end all Oprah Winfrey and yelling goat mashups.


Usher’s ‘OMG’ Is a ‘Simpsons’ Rip-Off

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A radio morning show noticed that Usher's immensely annoying but nonetheless catchy "OMG" bears an uncanny resemblance to a song sung by Homer Simpson in a 2003 episode (the 14th season of "The Simpsons").


Vin Diesel & Usher Riding Down a Volcano on White Tigers

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Yesterday, Vin Diesel premiered the new <a href="" target="_blank">5 Fast 5 Furious trailer</a> on his Facebook page, an act which, among other things, shined a harsh light on Vin Diesel's Facebook page (19 million likes.

Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber 3D biopic struggles against all odds to get a trailer

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At a time when thousands of African children are dying every day from Bieber fever, Paramount has irresponsibly decided to release the trailer for the 3D film about his life and work.

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