Japan Might Start Forcing Workers To Take Vacation To Combat ‘Death By Overwork’

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In order to alleviate the pressures and dangers of overwork, Japan is looking to force people to take vacation.


Justin Bieber Hung Out With Christie Brinkley On Vacation Then Broke His Foot Playing Soccer

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Christie Brinkley is making us all feel sad with these vacation photos she shared with Justin Bieber.


Harry Potter Fans Transformed A Polish Castle Into Hogwarts

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A group of Harry Potter super fans and live-action role playing enthusiasts have created a real-life Hogwarts at a castle in Poland.


Leslie Mann Will Play Audrey Griswold In The New ‘Vacation’ Movie

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Leslie Mann has signed on to star alongside Ed Helms in the new 'Vacation' sequel that isn't a reboot.


Georges St-Pierre Addressed Those Illness And Pregnancy Rumors With Fun Vacation Slides

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UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre debunked family illness and unplanned pregnancy rumors by posting fun pictures of himself at the beach.


‘Vacation’ Reboot Stalled Over Disagreement about Rating

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The Vacation "reboot" (which actually sounds more like a sequel, but that's another story), has stalled over "creative differences," according to THR.


Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo May Reprise Their Roles In Rebooted ‘Vacation’

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In news that will delight fans of Old Navy commercials and enrage National Lampoon's Vacation purists, who feel that the series ended perfectly with 1997's Vegas Vacation, and to do another movie would be like pissing on Randy Quaid's legacy the way Canada did to.


Rick Perry: ‘I Am The Product Of A Rape’ (Well, Not Really)


I've been meaning to post this video from Mondo all day because it's one of the funniest presidential campaign-related videos I've seen, but have been swamped and am just getting around to it.


Roll ‘Em Up, Kids: They’re Rebooting The Vacation Franchise

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  New Line Cinema has hired writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to reboot the classic Chevy Chase Vacation franchise, and if you’re about to shout at God and ask, “Why would they do this.


Can World Leaders Save Our Climate?

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You know, when people talk about Cancun I can’t help but think about crazy nights of booze-fueled half-naked romps in hotel swimming pools with girls I barely knew and haven’t spoken to since.



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(The only Photoshop idea I could think of was "National Lamb Poon.



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National Lampoon's Vacation (the one where they go to Wally World) has already had three sequels, which in the mind of movie execs, makes it ripe for another.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy – “Vacation” Video

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The Recession hits home next Tuesday.

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