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This Anti-Vax Children’s Book Is Being Expertly Trolled In Its Amazon Reviews

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Melanie's Marvelous Measles is attempting to teach kids about the dangers of vaccines, but Internet trolls have a better idea.


Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle Finally Weighed In On The Vaccination Debate

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Former WWE Diva and girl Candice Michelle has a lot to say about vaccinations, and most of it's stuff she googled.

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Jon Stewart Skewered The Media’s Coverage Of The Measles Outbreak On Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart delivered the perfect scathing take down of measles coverage in the media last night.


Anti-Vaxxers Are Turning Halloween Candy Into Propaganda

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Anti-vaxxers are trying to ruin Halloween by spreading pseudoscience. Using candy, no less.


Cancer Eradicated In Mayo Clinic Patient By Using The Measles Vaccine

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One patient at the Mayo Clinic went into remission from cancer after receiving a superdose of the measles vaccine in a clinical trial.


Jenny McCarthy’s Self-Made Twitter Hashtag Was Hilariously Hijacked By Pro-Vaccine Critics

By | 99 Comments

'The View' co-host Jenny McCarthy tried to start a Twitter hashtag, created a spot for criticism of her anti-vaccine asshattery. Here are the best tweets.


Medical Science Might Be On The Verge Of Wiping Out HIV Completely

By | 4 Comments

Two breakthroughs might mean HIV will be a thing of the past.


Ain’t No Party Like A Chicken Pox Party ‘Cause A Chicken Pox Party Kills Kids

By | 35 Comments

The epic facepalm in video form above comes from KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona.


New Vaccine Possibility Literally Pantses AIDS?


AIDS is a horrible disease, both in its effects and in how it operates.


Canada Cures Diabetic Mice, Eh

By | 2 Comments

Scientists at the University of Calgary have created a nanotechnology-based vaccine that cured and delayed the onset of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 in mice.

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