Cam’ron Feat. Vado & Sen City – “Ohh Baby”

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Let's see how quickly we can tie together the loose ends surrounding Cam'ron.


Cam’ron – “Murder 1″ x “Higher Baby” Feat. Vado & Rod Raspy


<a href="">Cam's</a> been mad sporadic - in output and quality - in recent years but this #UNLostFiles endeavor has been bearing good fruit.


Vado – “I See You (Black People)” Video

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What's funny is the same way people tout ASAP Rocky's potential and what he possibly means to the Big Apple, that same thought was in my head in regards to <a href="" target="_blank">Vado</a> about two years ago.

waka flocka flame

Loosies: Action Bronson Pens A Song For “Heather,” Vado & Nipsey Deliver “What You Need,” Joell Ortiz & Waka Flocka


As part of <a href="">Ruby Hornet's</a> upcoming Closed Sessions project, <a href="">Bam Bam Bronsalino</a> cooked up two new heaters.


Raekwon – Unexpected Victory Mixtape

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With the arrival of <a href="">Raekwon's</a> Unexpected Victory, it appears fans are the ones who've won.

Young Chris

Vado – Slime Flu 2 Mixtape

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Making a last case argument for Harlem as the year swirls to a close, <a href="">Vado</a> is trying to become larger on the streets with his latest epidemic, Slime Flu 2.


Cam’ron & Vado – Boss Of All Bosses 2.8 Mixtape

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While the rest of us relaxed for Labor Day, <a href="">Cam'ron</a> and <a href="">Vado</a> decided to drop a mixtape.


Vado – “Celebration” Video

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Remember when <a href="">Vado</a> was shaping up to be the "it" guy out of NY.


Vado – “Always On” For Nike Sportswear

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Music and sports merge for <a href="">Nike Sportswear's</a> "Always On" campaign and uptown's own <a href="">Vado</a> sets the series off with an original title track.


Crew Love: The June Edition

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Many days I thank Allah that we, The Crew, don't actually work together in an actual office space.


6.7 The Cooler

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Jin Lia Ex-Met Lenny Dykstra Charged With Grand Theft, Drug Possession [SF Gate] Yes, There Will Be A Fifth Season of ‘Jersey Shore’ [Warming Glow] Man Killed His Buddy During The NBA Finals [Busted Coverage] Cam'ron Wants To Make Vado A 'Mega Superstar' [MTV] Scene [...].


“Put A Bird Up” – Review Of Cam’ron & Vado’s Gunz N’ Butta

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As one of the most unique personalities the genre has ever seen, Cam'ron has been in the forefront at some of the genre's most pristine movements (Roc-A-Fella and Dipset) and often credited as a great surveyor of talent.


Fabolous – The Soul Tape

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<a href=""> If you take one part Don Cornelius, two parts midnight oil, a little dry sarcasm and a whole lot of Brooklyn, you'll find yourself circling the block where <a href="">Fabolous</a> just bought property to set up shop for The Soul Tape.

Zero Heroes

XV – Zero Heroes Mixtape

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<a href=""> There's something undeniably unique about <a href="">XV's</a> product.


Vado Feat. Jadakiss And Ludacris – “Check ‘Em Out”

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<a href=""> About this time <a href="">last year</a>, Jadakiss co-signed Vado as one of the best new artists he had heard in a New York minute.


Cam’ron & Vado – “Girls Cry”


<a href=""> Them say Gunz N Butta is in stores April 19th. I'm still leery because it's been coming soon since forever. But now, the joint is up for pre-order on <a href="">iTunes</a> which means the date could very well be the real thing.


Cam’ron And Vado – “Girls Cry” Video

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<a href=""> As if the world needed more evidence of <a href="">Killa's gift of gab</a> with the women, we're blessed with even more.


Cam’ron Feat. Vado, Jim Jones & Sen City – “Ooooohhhh”

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<a href=""> According to Cam and his ace <a href="">Miss Info</a>, yesterday's track, <a href="">"Throw It In The Air,"</a> was <a href="">stolen from his email</a>.


Fat Joe Feat. Vado – “Massacre On Madison”

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<a href=""> Nastiness. Not Fat Joe, silly. The big, full horns Mark Henry provided for Crack and Vado. Fat Joe Feat. Vado – "Massacre On Madison" (Prod. By Mark Henry) <a href="">IFWT</a> via <a href="">Info</a> Related: <a href="">Fat Joe Getting His Own Cooking Show</a>.

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