Rum And Rom-Coms: A Belated Valentine’s Day With ‘Valentine’s Day’

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"Jessica Alba is too business to be a wife," and other things Alison Stevenson learned while getting drunk by herself and watching 'Valentine's Day' on Valentine's Day, in the latest installment of of Rum and Rom-Coms.


Conan O’Brien Stopped By A Flower Shop To Hilariously Pester Everyone During Their Valentine’s Day Rush

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Never one to pass on a chance to satisfy a lady, Conan also hand-delivered a bouquet to his biggest fan.


In Which We Rank The Terrible Valentine’s Day Episodes Of Geek & Sci-Fi Shows

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Valentine's Day is a beloved holiday... but man has it had some terrible television themed around it.


The 20 Least Romantic Kisses In WWE History

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And now, culled from a deep field of attempted rapes, sexual abuse and rapper guest appearances comes the 20 least romantic kisses in WWE history.


Stream It Highbrow: 7 Ways To Watch All The Sex With None Of The Shame This Valentine’s Day

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Let's face it, you're probably going to watch a sexy movie this Valentine's Day. Heather helps you keep it classy with only the highest brow sex titles.

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Here’s How To Snag A Free Copy Of The Original ‘Dungeon Keeper’ Today


Here's how to get the original 'Dungeon Keeper' game and its expansion pack for free till tomorrow night as part of a Valentine's Day promotion.


Here’s A Louis C.K. Dating & Romance Refresher Course To Get You Through Valentine’s Day

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It's Valentine's Day so why not remind ourselves what the master underminer of dating, romance, and relationships has taught us over the years?


10 Songs That Guarantee You Won’t Get Laid Tonight If You Play Them For Your Valentine

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If you play Kevin Federline in your Valentine's Day playlist, you don't deserve lovin'.


Here’s A Very Special Valentine’s Day Tribute To Vin Diesel

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Since there's no greater home for romance than Vin Diesel's Facebook page, here's a wonderful compilation of his words of love for Valentine's Day.


The Best Rejected Candy Hearts The Internet Has To Offer This Valentine’s Day

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#RejectedCandyHearts is trending and has subsequently given us these gems to make Valentine's Day suck a little less.

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WTF?! Gary Oldman Shares The Horrifyingly Bizarre British Valentine’s Day Tradition On Kimmel


Classically trained Gary Oldman pulls out a dolphin costume and hilariously makes an ass of himself.


Finally, Here Is Everything That Is Wrong With ‘The Notebook’, Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

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The geniuses at Cinema Sin have given us 'Everything That is Wrong with The Notebook' just in time for the most romantic holiday.


Today We Are Canceling Solitude: ‘Pacific Rim’ Valentines By Benjamin Dewey

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Benjamin Dewey tweeted a series of 30 Pacific Rim valentines, making puns and and having fun with the silly Jaeger names.


25 More Geeky And Funny Valentines For Your Precious

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These 25 funny valentines celebrate the upcoming holiday with plenty of geeky jokes about Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and more.


Here Are 25 Pop Culture Valentines To Warm Your Cold, Jaded Heart

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These 25 funny valentines based on TV shows and movies will never let you go, because you're cool.

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