Value Pack 6

Fly.Union – “Feels Good” Video

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<a href=""> Instead of attempting to be complex, <a href="">Fly.U's</a> lazily simple mission statement on "Feels Good" goes "Make some music, make some money, find some models for wives," all the while keeping it hammock-cool in the process and marking another fine attempt by the group to sneak their way into listener's consciousness.

Value Pack 6

Fly Union – Value Pack 6

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<a href=""> Always down to kiss the sky with a small dosage of dopeness, the Buckeyes you know as Fly Union are supplying you another audio fix with Value Pack 6. Sticking to their core strengths as an unit, the C.O. collective know exactly how to infiltrate your playlist without wearing out their welcome by now. Presented by The Greater Than Club &, put on your cool and join Fly Dot U as they go in for their 6th ring, Michael Jordan. 01. Grand Opening 02. Long Run 03. Good To Go 04. Feel Good 05. U Know Who You Are (Jerreau of Fly Union) 06. Partner (Monkey Wrench of Fly Union) 07. Grand Closing Download -- <a href="">Fly Union - Value Pack 6</a> Bonus: Check out the trailer for the upcoming peculica where they wooed the ladies with <a href="">DopeItsDom</a>.

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