The Honest Trailer For ‘Portal’ And ‘Portal 2′ Is A Triumph

By | 3 Comments

'Portal' and 'Portal 2' get the honest trailers treatment, with a "Still Alive" remix and a surprise cameo by Vin Diesel.


‘Team Fortress 2′ Gets Romantic In Its Latest Short

By | 5 Comments

'Team Fortress 2' becomes a romantic comedy, the way only TF2 could do it.

Buyer's Guide

How To Get Out Of The Steam Summer Sale With Some Money Left

By | 4 Comments

The Steam Summer Sale will arrive this week. Here's how to buy some great games cheap without forgoing the rent.

holy crap

There Are Going To Be A Lot Of Steam Machine Consoles

By | 17 Comments

There's only one Xbox One. And only one PS4. And a whole crapton of Steam Machines, apparently.

Butt controller

A Valve Employee Has Created A Controller You Use With Your Ass

By | 5 Comments

Is Half Life 3 going to be butt-controlled? Probably not, but it could be...

steam boxes

Here’s The Steam Controller In Action

By | 4 Comments

Valve's weird Steam Controller gets its first demo video, and it does look pretty cool.


‘Half-Life 3′ Trademark Applications Filed By Valve, Development Team Names Leaked

By | 7 Comments

Valve has filed a trademark application for both the title 'Half-Life 3' and their Half-Life symbol, and the names of their development team have leaked.


Why We Can’t Get Behind The Steam Controller

By | 20 Comments

The Steam Controller is a good idea, just executed in an... odd way.


Would You Like To Play With Valve’s New Console, The Steam Machine?

By | 14 Comments

The Steam Machine is real, and Valve wants you to test it. Well, provided you meet the criteria.


What SteamOS Is, And Why It Matters

By | 22 Comments

SteamOS is Valve's first step to completely changing all of gaming. But how?


J.J. Abrams Hates ‘Star Trek The Video Game’ More Than You Do

By | 16 Comments

J.J. Abrams says 'Star Trek The Video Game' is "a big disappointment" which "arguably hurt" the box office reception for 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.

just tell us already

So Valve Is Messing With Us Over 'Half-Life 3'. Again.

By | 10 Comments

'Half-Life 3' will probably not be out soon. But Valve is more than happy to mess with us in the meantime. Here's what they're up to.


Why Are The Stalwarts Of PC Gaming Going Console?

By | 17 Comments

The Steambox, the NVidia Shield, 'Diablo III' for PS3... why are PC gaming's stalwarts heading for consoles at speed. We take a look at their motives.

The Piston

Valve's 'Steam Box' Has Become Very Confusing

By | 19 Comments

The Steam Box is confusing (and expensive)...


J.J. Abrams And Valve Are Working On A Game As Well As ‘Half-Life’ And ‘Portal’ Movies

By | 5 Comments

J.J. Abrams and Valve's Gabe Newell announced they're working on a video game together as well as 'Half-Life' and 'Portal' movie adaptations.


The Steam Box Really Is The Future Of Gaming

By | 17 Comments

The Steam Box, as in the standard, is real. This is it, folks. This is the future of gaming.


Five Things We Want To See On The New Steam Box

By | 16 Comments

Valve has announced its Steam console is real. Now we just need to find out how awesome it is.


Valve Going Full Steam Ahead On Linux

By | 3 Comments

Steam is coming to Linux... but will third parties come with it?


Valve Continuing To Work On Its Hardware Standard

By | 3 Comments

Valve wants to build controllers now. Seriously.

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