vancouver riots

That Personalized Jersey May Be A Bad Idea


It’s been just over 6 months since the city of Vancouver showed the rest of the world the ugly side of sports, as thousands of pissed off, brain dead sociopaths ransacked their city under the guise of being Vancouver Canucks fans upset that their team lost in the Stanley Cup Finals.

vancouver riots

The Minor League Pissing Contest You’ve Been Waiting For

I didn't make the video of this bench-clearing brawl between the Class A Spokane Indians and Vancouver Canadians the header because I need to warn you -- it not only contains violence and strong language, but a group of people yelling WAHHHHHHHHHHHH at the top of their lungs because that or chanting "fight" are how people deal with sudden fighting.


Morning Links: Changing Our Site Name to ‘The Lou Thesz Press’


If you don't watch pro wrestling, you're missing out on athletic moments like this, when a Hawaiian Tropic model jumps in the air and takes down one half of a set of twins with nothing but her crotch and gravity.

vancouver riots

Vancouver Riots Kissing Couple On The ‘Today’ Show

Last week, when Scott Jones and Alex Thomas -- the oblivious Canadian makeout couple -- first came into our lives, we were all like, "WTF.


Morning Links: 25 Years Ago

The Legend of Zelda and the death of Len Bias are both pushing 30 years old.

vancouver riots

Who Is To Blame For The Rioting?


I received some strong feedback from yesterday’s gallery of the rioting in Vancouver in the wake of the Canucks’ Game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup Finals.


Oblivious Canadian Makeout Couple Revealed To Be Scott Jones and Alex Thomas


You have to wonder if Getty photographer Rich Lam had any idea that he'd create an international sensation when he snapped the photo of that couple kissing on Wednesday night in Vancouver.


Morning Links: Bosh For Sale


Those sad Miami Heat pictures never get old.


Meme Watch: Oblivious Canadian Makeout Couple


The moment I laid eyes on the street makeout couple from the totally reasonable and justified Vancouver riots I came to the conclusion they are more dedicated to sucking face than any other couple on the planet.


Social Media Being Used To Identify Vancouver Rioters & Looters

While social media has been hailed repeatedly as a tool for revolutionaries to use to organize and communicate in places like the Middle East, the Vancouver riots are proving that social media to be just as helpful to authorities to identify and track down people involved in riots, uprisings, violent protests, looting etc.

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