‘Deadpool’ Movie To Begin Filming In March

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The film has booked shooting time at a studio and is readying for a 2016 release.


This ‘Science World’ Commercial Was Banned In Canada Because It’s Too Violent

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According to the Television Bureau of Canada, a guy getting kicked in the nuts before he steps in front of a bus is too 'violent' for TV.


Tired Of Searching Casual Encounters On Craigslist? Buy A Floor From Canada

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What you're looking at is the practice floor for the Vancouver Grizzlies, the 1995 NBA expansion squad that spent six years in Canada before bailing for the bright lights of metropolitan.


Great News, Dads: Pole Dancing Classes Are Finally Being Offered For Kids

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We’ve made no secret of our appreciation of pole dancing as a sport in the past, from coverage of international pole dancing competitions to Chicago Bears fan busting their asses to the superstar athletes at Rick’s Cabaret and their appreciation of this site.


This Is How You Hire A Fitness Assistant

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As someone who is naturally chiseled and often compared to most Greek gods (not like you, Fatasseus), I understand how seriously some people are about a proper fitness regimen.

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Watch: Shia LaBeouf Get His Ass Kicked In The Streets Of Vancouver

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The ubiquity of TMZ is so ridiculously high, one could speculate that they're some axis power who conspires to start trouble just so they can present it to us.

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Shia LaBeouf gets ground and pounded by a shirtless fat dude outside a bar

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Poor Shia LaBeouf recently suffered the indignity of getting ground and pounded on the curb by a shirtless fat dude outside a bar called Cinema Public House in Vancouver.

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