El Prez – Feature PREZentation II Mixtape


With his latest mixtape, Feature PREZentation II, Inglewood native El Prez is treating his fans to one more project before his full-length, Leadersh.


Vandalyzm – The Proposal EP

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Even though he's not the father, Vandalyzm's looking to put a ring on it with The Proposal.


Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World

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Birds in the sky and fish in the sea have nothing on Sean Falyon, the rap pugilist who manages to Be Everywhere you can possibly think of at the same time.


Tech Supreme – Supremacy Mixtape

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St. Louis has been clean out of control in Twenty Eleven, earning more highlights for WSHH fiascoes than on the real rap scene. That simply won't do and Tech Supreme -- the multifaceted producer slash rapper slasher artist extraordinaire -- has rounded up some of the finest talent in Missouri's should be capital to reign a true Supremacy on the game.


Vandalyzm Rocks Out To Foreigner

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The visuals to "The AllsPark" give viewers a taste of what St. Louis really looks like beyond the Gateway Arch. The short glimpses of Vandalyzm's neighborhood are quite vivid as an abandoned factory, boarded up houses, and kids walking the streets---among other scenes---populate the video.


Vandalyzm – “Romulus”

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Our man Van takes his braggadocio and gives Big Sean a run for his money over the latter's "High Rise.


Vandalyzm – “Mirror Mirror”

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More treats from Vandalyzm as he (and we) prepares to invade Texas.

Vandalyzm Is Not The Father

Vandalyzm Is Not The Father

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Emerging StLien Vandalyzm releases his mixtape denying paternity (but he'll probably end up fathering a few styles after this).

Vandalyzm Is Not The Father

Vandalyzm Feat. Tef Poe – “The Matrix”

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"I'm a giant to defeat/my name rings bells overseas/while your on your knees, giving dome for BDS spins and a chance to rise/I get respect from same niggas you idolize.


Video: Vandalyzm’s Backyard

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Filmed by Greg The Dude, this was supposed to be my man Van's official joint for Vimby.

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