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Sony Just Won’t Let ‘The Last Guardian’ Go

By | 11 Comments

Even though finishing it seems years away, Sony is still insisting that they'll totally have 'The Last Guardian' out soon, you guys.

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Blizzard Is Totally Going To Make ‘StarCraft: Ghost’

By | 12 Comments

'Starcraft: Ghost' has been 'on hold' for nearly a decade. Apparently, though, Blizzard still wants to make it happen. Well, maybe.

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Duke Nukem Forever Delayed Again

By | 3 Comments

Duke Nukem has been back in the news this week for a borderline-NSFW video from PAX (second video after the jump) containing a lesbian schoolgirl kissing scene and far too much screen time afforded to a vibrator on a table.


Is Verizon Really Debuting an iPhone Today?

By | 4 Comments

Today, Verizon is having a very special event.

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More Duke Nukem Forever Footage. Is This Real Life?

By | 5 Comments

Gearbox Software and 2K Games showed off some Duke Nukem Forever gameplay in Amsterdam.


Indian Government Unveils $35 Touchscreen Tablet Computer

By | 2 Comments

Kapil Sibal, Indiana Jones villain Human Resource Development Minister of India, unveiled a "$35" touchscreen tablet computer that can connect to the internet over WiFi, play videos, and open PDFs.


This is How Desperate We Are for a Hobbit Movie


Here's a hard, painful truth many of us nerds don't want to accept: "The Hobbit", at least in its current configuration, is not going to happen.


“Battle of the Planets” Update Looks Awesome, Probably Won’t Happen


Of all the animes to be brutally recut and changed around by American companies because they were cheap, nothing is quite as fondly remembered by the five people who still recall it as "Battle of the Planets" as "Gatchaman".

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