Joey BadA$$ – “Waves” Video

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Singing young Joey BadA$$' praises doesn't get old simply because there's a refreshing element to his music.


Big K.R.I.T. – “Boobie Miles” Video

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"You know God made black beautiful.


2.28 The Cooler

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Adriana Sage J-Lo Have a Nip Slip.


Kendrick Lamar – “A.D.H.D.” Video

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<a href="">Kendrick Lamar's</a> "A.


Video: Kendrick Lamar – “A.D.H.D.” x “Rigamortis” BTS

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It's always great to see an independent project grow some legs, and when Kendrick Lamar is the author of said project, the Kool-Aid tastes even sweeter.


Va$htie x The NY Times

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<a href=""> A few months ago, I told <a href="">Va$htie</a> that she was a topic of conversation between my twelve year old daughter and I when discussing how limitless the world can be if you use your mind and imagination.

Yung Berg

1.19 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Tiffany 6 Ways Yung Berg Can Avoid Getting His Chain Snatched Again <a href="">[TUD]</a> Why Doesn't Anyone Get Kanye West's Jokes.


The Source Magazine Presents “Crush” With Va$htie

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<a href=""> Our favorite "it" girl and one of the <a href="">hottest chicks on the planet</a> is killing 'em in the <a href="">latest issue</a> of The Source, just like that deadly schoolgirl from Kill Bill Vol.


Jasmine Solano – “That’s Not It” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Jasmine Solano</a> steps from behind the turntables to drop the visuals for "That's Not It," the lead single from her <a href="">Married To The Mob-backed EP</a> of the same title.


Theophilus London – “Hey Wonderful” Video

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<a href=""> While us measly pedestrians comply with monotony against our better judgment on the daily, the artist Gotty™ calls a game-changer---<a href="">Theophilus London</a>---indulges in yet another day of the best job on earth.


Theophilus London – “I Want You” Video Teaser

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<a href=""> How does one create sexy in approximately twenty seconds? Put <a href="">Va$htie</a> behind the lens, cue up <a href="">Theophilus'</a> "I Want You" and add in one seductive model.


VA$HTIE Had A Party & Theophilus Performed

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<a href=""> VA$HTIE's birthday was one day last week so happy belated to her. To cap it off, there was a party @ Santos in honor of the birthday girl and I think it doubled as a released party for Theophilus' <a href="">I Want You</a> mixtape.


Theophilus London – I Want You Mixtape

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<a href=""> The prime indicator that I'm head over heels in love with this particular mixtape? The fact that not only are we posting the front cover, we're including the inner artwork as well. Unlike most, <a href="">Theophilus'</a> mixtape is a work of art, bar code included or not, and it should be presented as one whole in order to help convey his message.


Theophilus London – “Accept The New”

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<a href=""> In the morning equivalent of being allowed to indulge in French toast and a big bowl of sugary sweet cereal, <a href="">Theophilus</a> serves up "Accept The New.


VA$HTIE Interview With Cash & Caviar

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<a href=""> <a href="http://www.cashandcaviar">Cash and Caviar</a> catch up with <a href="">VA$HTIE</a> to let her tell her story about getting into the video business, obstacles she's faced as a woman in a male-dominated field, influences and influencing, making a statement with the Violette brand and all kinds of fun stuff that make her one of the culture's smartest sweethearts.


Video: Theophilus London x “I Want You” Studio Sessions

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Everything about <a href="">Theophilus</a> appears as the antithesis to Hip-Hop is supposed to be.

What's On My iPod

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

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Photo by <a href="">Suzette Lee</a> "If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell'em, People never get the flowers while they could still smell'em.

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