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'The Killing' Will Solve The Next Murder In One Season. They Promise.

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Executive producer Veena Sud says the murder that takes place at the beginning of Season 3 of "The Killing" will be solved by the end.


AMC Cancels ‘The Killing’

By | 17 Comments

After two seasons, dozens of red herrings, and gallons upon gallons of fake rain, AMC has decided to cancel "The Killing."


POLL: 'The Killing' Is Set to Return in Two Weeks. Will You Watch It?

By | 32 Comments

All the excitement about the return of spring shows has, understandably, centered on "Mad Men" and "Game of Thrones.


Dear ‘The Killing’: You Can Go Straight to Hell

By | 33 Comments

"The Killing" debuted on AMC last spring with one of the better pilot episodes in recent memory: It introduced a investigation, gave us a grisly murder, and provided plenty of potential suspects.


Veena Sud Isn’t Helping

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As the showrunner for "The Killing," Veena Sud adapted a massively successful Scandinavian show for an American audience, and for a while her show received critical praise for its careful pace and dark mood.

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