Play Quadrocopter Off, Keyboard Cat

Not content with teaching a quadrotor helicopter how to be a Researchers study high-performance flight, fast-changing flight maneuvers and other topics [Ed.


Quadrocopters Can Be Dirty Hippies, Too

"Kick it over here," said the quadrocopter, before murdering everyone.


na na na na na na na na BATVAN


What you see here is a king among rape vans, or as we call them here in the Uproxx offices, "molestation enthusiast conveyances".


This is the Custom Car Gotham Deserves


Bob Dullam, a props artist from Michigan, deserves some props himself  -- *lifts megaphone, waits for feedback to subside, clears throat* SEE WHAT I DID THERE.


The Flying Parachute Jesus Car Isn’t a Joke?

Steve Saint of i-Tec had a problem to solve; how do doctors, missionaries, etc.


Will The Traffic-Eating Bus Catch On In America?

You might remember that we'd previously reported on the traffic-gulping two-story bus that China was so excited about.


Is This the Dorkiest Method of Transportation Ever Conceived?

Look, I'm not going to lie here: in high school, as I lacked the confidence to do things like talk to girls, I spent a lot of time studying the "circus arts", which is a fancy way of saying I spent hours teaching myself to juggle.


Google Has Been Secretly Testing Self-Driving Cars

Google has spent beekeeper at their campus, etc.

why god why?

RatCar? RatCar.

Damn it, Japan.


Automotive X-Prize Winners Announced

The 30-month-long Progressive Automotive X-Prize for marketable 100 MPGe* cars has come to an end, with three cars out of the 111 original teams splitting the $10 million prize.


What's That Terrifying Quadrocopter Doing Now?


We've been following Daniel Mellinger and Vijay Kumar's work at UPenn's GRASP Lab for awhile, mostly so we can be cursed to know the exact nature of our death, like a cyclops.


Tank Skateboard Eats Segways For Breakfast


Ben Gulak at BPG Werks put up some new videos for his DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder, which is a fancy way of saying it's a tank skateboard.


Beer-Fetching Robot Is The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

Don't you hate it when you leave a perfectly good can of Guinness just lying on the ground somewhere.


Ridin’ Dirty With The News

New Zealander Michael Wiles was riding his motorcycle when he noticed a barbecue grill discarded along the side of the road, so he did the only logical thing: wear it as a shirt and try to ride home at speeds of up to 46 mph on a busy freeway.


I’m On A Shark!


Rob Innes and Dan Piazza built their first submersible personal watercraft twelve years ago, and now run a company called Innespace, which sells the They're still working on a model that can also do barrel rolls.

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