Racist Idiots Lost Their Sh*t Over A Potential Latin State Motto Because They Thought It Meant ‘Hispanic’

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Racist yokels who don't know the difference between 'Latin' and 'Latino' unleashed their fury on a Vermont news station's Facebook page.


Why Vermont Has Gigabit Internet, And You Don't

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Vermont, mostly known for its cows, maple syrup, and stoners from New York starting crappy jam bands there, has gigabit Internet. We explain why.


College Basketball’s Best Moustache

By | 6 Comments

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a fan of facial hair.


Marqus Blakely’s Assisted Double Dunk

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I guess I just have a knack for picking dunk champions.


Top 10 Marqus Blakely Dunks Of The Year

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For the good of all things basketball, Marqus Blakely gets to throw down a few more dunks before graduation. The University of Vermont senior has earned an invitation to compete in the college slam dunk contest tonight in Indianapolis, and is one of eight participating from around the country.


Marqus Blakely Will Dunk On You

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Coming from Vermont, you know I tuned in for the America East Championship game yesterday between UVM and BU.

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