Step Aside, ‘Jurassic World’. The Trailer For ‘Jurassic City’ Has Arrived.

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'Jurassic City' is here to trick gullible people into renting a movie they thought was 'Jurassic World'.


Vernon Wells Has Inspired The Newest Meme

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Vernon Wells redefined the meaning of common sense on Sunday when he announced that he would not *GASP.


The Dugout by Charles Bukowski

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Last month, I introduced you to Celebrity Guest Dugout Week, a week full of Dugouts written by the biggest and brightest names in sports journalism.


MLB Star Says He’s Overpaid

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Vernon Wells is entering Season Four of a seven-year, $126-million contract, which is a hell of a lot of money.



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This video's almost a month old and I have no idea what Toronto Blue Jays slugger Vernon Wells is talking about, let alone which one of the so-called Action Girls he's sharing (whichever one she is, I'd bet you couldn't slide a 50-dollar bill between her knees.

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