Kid Rock On ‘American Sniper': ‘I Was Looking For An Excuse To Tell Michael Moore To Go F*ck Himself’

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Kid Rock fires another salvo against critics of 'American Sniper,' claiming that he's always wanted to take a shot at Michael Moore.


Michael Moore’s Delayed ‘American Sniper’ Response Asks ‘What Would Jesus Do?’

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After nearly a week of silence, the documentary filmmaker decided to add more fuel to the 'American Sniper' fire.


Watch Monday Night Football’s Powerful National Anthem, Performed By A Navy Veteran

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Here's retired navy officer Gennerald Wilson's national anthem on Monday Night Football.


An Iraq Veteran Returned Home To Discover That His Best Friend Renovated His House

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Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo asked his best friend to watch the new house he'd bought for retirement, and he did way more than that.


Dickhead Groundhog Desecrates 31 Veteran Graves In Upstate New York

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Lockport, New York authorities were looking into the theft and damage of over 30 veteran flags when they caught the culprit in the act.

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This Powerful Timelapse Transformation Of A Homeless Veteran Will Open Your Eyes And Touch Your Heart

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US Army veteran Jim Wolf agreed to undergo a makeover on camera. The result is extremely moving.


WWII Vets ‘Storm’ Closed Memorials With Help Of A-Hole Policiticians Responsible For Government Shutdown

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Wingnuts in Congress responsible for the government shutdown are using elderly veterans as political pawns. Politicians are the f*cking worse.


Here’s Why You Should Never Try To Rob A Store Clerk…Who’s An Iraq War Veteran

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Military veteran Jon Lewis Alexander stopped a would-be thief in the most badass of ways.


WWII Vet 'Grandpa' Jack Potter Is Still Being Evicted From His Home

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Despite an Internet fundraising campaign that netted $139,000, WWII vet Jack Potter is still being evicted by his own daughter after she refused his offer.


Woman Tried To Evict Her Father From The Home He Built, So The Internet Raised $138,000

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As his own daughter is trying to evict him from the home that he built, WWII vet John Potter couldn't believe strangers would donate $138,000 to him.


A Brief Word About Veterans Day


All day I've been trying to think of something unique and interesting to say to commemorate Veterans Day, and, well, I got nothing.



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Today is Veteran's Day, and while I appreciate all that veterans have done to protect me from the greasy Japs and filthy, bucktoothed Limeys, I'm not very good at honest, heartfelt statements.

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