Did VH1 “Behind The Music” Crack Biggie’s Murder Case?

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If you're wondering how it took VH1's Behind The Music series this long to document the legacy of an industry icon like Christopher Wallace, it's actually because this is the second version of the episode.


Watch VH1’s “Behind The Music” With Nas

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In case you missed it, VH1's "Behind The Music" with Nas just aired and, even though I only caught the tail-end, the episode didn't disappoint.


Watch: VH1’s Behind The Music With Mary J. Blige

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The Behind The Music series has been pretty damn good thus far, so there's no reason to believe Sunday's installment on Mary J. Blige will not be equally as compelling.

VH1 Behind The Music

Watch: VH1’s Behind The Music With Ice Cube

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One promise I made to myself was to never again live life without NBA TV, NFL Network and DVR.


Watch: Missy Elliott’s VH1 Behind The Music

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They don't make them like they used to.


VH1 Behind the Music: T.I. (Full Episode)

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I think I was aware of the majority of this but I still like to listen to Clifford articulate & pontificate.

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