Happy Birthday, Penny Hardaway! Check Out His Top 10 NBA Plays


Penny Hardaway was a bad dude, and today, he turned 42 years old.


#DraftDreams: Anthony Bennett, Cody Zeller, Michael Carter-Williams, C.J. McCollum Share Last Wild Minutes Before NBA Draft

We're coming up on a week since one of the wildest NBA Drafts in recent memory and there is still new information and insights emerging every day.


We Reminisce: New Celtics Teammates Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries Brawl

So, hey Rajon Rondo, not only are you the only remaining player on Celtics Island, but you also get to lose a TON of games with one of your best buddies.


Hakeem Olajuwon Surprises David Stern As He Calls His Final NBA Draft Pick

There was a lot to like about the NBA Draft last night.


#DraftDreams: C.J. McCollum Takes on NYC (Video)

C.J. McCollum is undoubtedly one of our favorite players in this year's NBA Draft.


Dirk Nowitzki and His Massive Soccer Flop

Remember last week when Dirk Nowitzki was telling the Dallas Morning News about how we're never going to get rid of flopping in the NBA? Turns out that Dirk is familiar with the art from his love of soccer - arguably the only sport on the planet that over the years has taken the plague of flopping to another stratosphere.


New Nike LeBron James Commercial Featuring Dr. Dre, Warren Buffett, Phil Knight, Drake, and Bill Russell

LeBron James corporate partners were on their game and ready to go if and when their guy emerged victorious from Game 7.


Tony Parker’s Step-Back Three Was Almost One Of the Greatest Clutch Shots in NBA History

Lost in all of the drama of headbands and truly rotten fans in one of the greatest NBA Finals games in recent history are some of the massively clutch shots knocked down over the final periods of Game 6.


This is How Gregg Popovich Answers a Stupid Question

"Coach, how do you get your guys into Game 7.


Dwyane Wade Blitzes Gary Neal With a Tough Euro Step and Bucket

Is there anyone better at the "Euro Step" in the NBA than Dwyane Wade.


Kawhi Leonard Smashes a Dunk on Mike Miller’s Face

Watch as Kawhi Leonard detonates a dunk right on Mike Miller's face from tonight's Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

#jimmy kimmel

Really? You’re a Big Miami Heat Fan??

Jimmy Kimmel aired this last week, but if you missed it, it's a great, quick watch (and with the Mimi Heat dangerously close to going home for the summer, this might be our last chance to post it for our readers).


Danny Green Breaks Record for Most Threes in an NBA Finals


If Kevin Harlan was calling this NBA Finals, we would have been hearing that "Danny Green is a FLAMETHROWER.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z x Samsung “Magna Carta Holy Grail” Commercial

In case you missed it as Game 5 went to the half, here is the Jay-Z commercial that mesmerized the world.

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