Whom Does Ghostface Being On ‘Couples Therapy’ Benefit Again?

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We ask, because after seeing the Wu-Tang legend get a drink splashed in his face during a teaser for the upcoming season of the VH1 show, we're not sure being a part of the reality TV spectacle was his best move.


Saturday Matinee – Chris Rock’s ‘Bring The Pain’

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The comedian's 1996 stand-up for your viewing pleasure.

#avengers: age of ultron

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Will Feature Two Mutants…Sort Of

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Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson land key roles in upcoming flick.


Saturday Matinee – Cam’ron’s ‘Killa Season’

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After a long work week, relax by watching the talented Mr. Giles, hood thespian.


Watch Walter Cronkite Confirm The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy On Live TV 50 Years Ago Today

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CBS' iconic and stalwart anchorman delivers the news of President's death to an entire country,


The Infamous Gay Rapper Finally Has A Name & Face

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Ready or not, rap world, here comes Chozen.

Dear God, Prove Your Omnipotence And Make ‘Waking Up With Kimye’ A Reality

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Please give Kris Jenner the strong pimp-hand to make Waking Up With Kimye a reality. And please bless her daughter Kendall for the TV exec she's going to be forced to screw to make Waking Up With Kimye a reality

When We Were Kings

Saturday Matinee – ‘When We Were Kings’

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Outside of 'When We Were Kings,' the only better look at Ali and Foreman's "Rumble In The Jungle" was actually being alive for it.


For The Good Times: Watch Eminem, Slaughterhouse Freestyle On ‘Rap City’

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BET brings back Rap City for a special show with Eminem as guest.


FXX Will Bring Back Ali G, Which is Very Nice, We Like

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Cable network hopes to reintroduce Sacha Baron Cohen's original series to a new group of TV viewers.


“What Does My Girl Say?” Kerry Washington Hosts ‘SNL’

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Sometimes I feel like my Black woman card should be revoked for not giving a heck about issues we're facing, namely the SNL's lack of a Black female cast member issue.

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Saturday Matinee: ‘I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco’

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Covering the band's path to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot as well as my own.


Today’s Must Watch: The ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Trailer

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It’s 2013, and we can bank on at least one incredible comic book movie dropping per summer from now until our society goes belly-up.


Did I Really Like This? ‘The Wizard’

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The NES, memories of your geeky childhood and Fred Savage deserved better than this.


Janelle Monáe Lights Up ‘SNL’ With “Dance Apocalyptic” + “Electric Lady” Performances

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Janelle Monae made her way into homes across the land last night as she played musical guest on Saturday Night Live.


Oh Baby! Watch The New ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Movie Trailer

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Words By Dr Hip-Hop With the start of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man 3, instead of simply world-building, the titanic team-up of Disney and Marvel is really reaching into the world of the comic universe to give us films based on specific storylines.

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