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Anastasia Ashley’s New Surfing Video Really Brought Out The Best In YouTube Commenters

By | 14 Comments

YouTube commenters had plenty to say about pro surfer Anastasia Ashley's newest video.


This Parking Lot Video Is Guaranteed To Spike Your Blood Pressure

By | 7 Comments

This video of a person taking four minutes to exit a parking lot is one of the most excruciating things you'll watch this week.

steam boxes

Here’s The Steam Controller In Action

By | 4 Comments

Valve's weird Steam Controller gets its first demo video, and it does look pretty cool.


Entitled Man-Child has some Star Wars Episode VII advice for JJ Abrams

By | 127 Comments

JJ Abrams is set to direct Star Wars Episode VII for Disney, for release in 2015, and despite Star Wars being the biggest film franchise in history owned by one of the world's largest media corporations, some people still insist on treating the franchise like it's the the cover of their seventh grade diary and someone's going to come scribble on it.


“Eat Sh*t and Die”, the Supercut

By | 11 Comments

"Eat sh*t and die" always struck me as a weird insult.


Joel McHale + The Insane Clown Posse = A Strangely Funny Clip From ‘The Soup’

By | 12 Comments

While pretending to be the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey, the Insane Clown Posse had host Joel McHale on the verge of tears.

Star Wars

Unicycling Darth Vader Has Upgraded To Flaming Bagpipes


Portland's own unicycling Darth Vader now has bagpipes that can shoot fire. And we have proof.


With Leather's Watch This: Let BMX Star Ryan Taylor Show Your Kid How To Ride


Professional <a href="" target="_blank">BMX star Ryan Taylor</a> is better than most of us at riding a bike.


The 17 Craziest Videos From Russia In August 2013

By | 5 Comments

Russia consistently produces some of the most entertaining videos on the Internet. Here are the best from August.

fox and friends

Gretchen Carlson And Robert Davi Almost 'Twerked' On Fox & Friends This Morning

By | 17 Comments

Actor and singer Robert Davi almost convinced Gretchen Carlson to try twerking on Fox & Friends this morning.


With Leather's Watch This: Please, Please, Please Let The Golf Board Be A Real Thing

By | 6 Comments

I try not to be a hypocrite too often, but sometimes it’s just downright unavoidable.


Watch Olivia Munn Dislocate Her Shoulder After Falling From A Swing

By | 8 Comments

I’ll admit that headline is kind of misleading, because while <a href="" target="_blank">you are about to watch a video</a> of one-time Queen of the Geeks and Nerds, Olivia Munn, going HAM on a swing, you don’t really get to see the best part.

leaping bots

Adorable Robot Jumps With Help From A Tail


Tailbot is a robot designed to move like a monkey. That'd be terrifying at larger sizes, so fortunately, he's adorably tiny.


With Leather’s Watch This: See You Next Fall, Nick Collins. See You Next Fall.

By | 3 Comments

SSN’s Nick Collins was giving everyone the lowdown on the England-Scotland match on top of a ladder outside of Wembley Stadium, and if you have a working brain, you probably know that if I post a video that mentions a guy on a ladder, it’s probably going to end in the best way possible.


The 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest Champion Is Pretty Damn Good With A Yo-Yo

By | 3 Comments

I don’t know what I love more about this video of Janos Karancz performing in the finals of the 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest: - How calm and cool he looks as he just yo’s and yo’s like that yo-yo is his little round beeyotch on a string.


With Leather’s Watch This: This ‘Horrific Bowling Accident’ Isn’t Horrific

By | 3 Comments

A bowler named Troy Walker competed at <a href="" target="_blank">the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Charity Bowling Tournament</a> in Houston over the weekend, and according to the very convenient video with announcers from a charity bowling tournament, he was the victim of a “horrific bowling accident.


Video: Marshawn Lynch Stars In The Adorable ‘I’m An Oakland School Kid’

By | 3 Comments

Normally when people try to show me videos of kids singing, I plug my ears with my fingers while shouting incoherently and running into another room, because if you’ve ever heard <a href="" target="_blank">the Kidz Bop version of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”</a> or anything, for that matter, you’d know that kids sound strange with their youth and innocence and other things I’ll once again possess when I find the Fountain of Youth.

frat hijinks

Video: This 1988 Fraternity Rush Song Is A Thing Of Beauty

By | 2 Comments

Entitled "Why Chi Phi?," this 1988 fraternity rush video from the University of Southern California is yet another reminder that the 80s were crazy.


Video: It’s ‘Iron Man 3′ As A 16-Bit Video Game


If you've been longing to see Iron Man 3 reimagined as a 16-bit video game, then this is the video for you.

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