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Run The Jewels and Jack White Jammed With Two Very Special Guests at Their Concert Last Night

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Madison Square Garden attendees got some absolutely killer surprises while watching both performances.


Clay Davis From ‘The Wire’ Is Teaching People How To Say ‘Sheeeeit’ Properly

By | 8 Comments

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. teaches a class how to say Clay Davis' famous catchphrase from 'The Wire.'


Kevin Gates Is Wanted By Police In Connection With A Shooting At His Show

By | 5 Comments

Kentucky police want to question Kevin Gates about a shooting at a recent show.


Tiny Doo Tells CNN Prosecutors In His Song Lyrics Case Are ‘Trying To Eradicate Black Men’

By | 16 Comments

Rapper Tiny Doo appears on CNN to talk about his court case over song lyrics.


Listen To Raekwon Tell A Bizarre Story Involving Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Angel Dust And Push-Ups

By | 12 Comments

Raekwon tells a classic Wu-Tang story about smoking angel dust with Ol' Dirty Bastard.


Cam’ron Lets A Teen Girl Know He’s Not Her Uncle But Her Mom Is A Former Groupie

By | 23 Comments

Cam'ron calls out a groupie for telling her daughter they're related.

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Here’s Why Trying To Quote ‘Star Wars’ In Real Life Situations Is A Bad Idea

By | 12 Comments

Sometimes you are just naturally creepy. Sometimes you like to augment that creepiness with 'Star Wars' quotes. This is why that's a bad.


Florida City Council Bans Cops From Using Black Mug Shots For Target Practice

By | 12 Comments

Florida city council stops the police's use of mug shot photos for target practice.


Watching This Video Of Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz’s Son Playing Piano Will Not Help Your Self-Esteem

By | 8 Comments

Watching Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's son Egypt play piano proves talent runs in the family.


Future Reggae Star Explodes On An Apple Store Employee For Stopping Him From Recording A Music Video

By | 49 Comments

Watch as a man recording a music video in the Apple store gets angry at an employee for interrupting.


August Alsina Got Into A Fight During An Anti-Violence Show #RNS

By | 35 Comments

August Alsina gets into a scuffle...at an anti-violence concert.


Dr. Dre And Kendrick Lamar Surprise Fans At Game’s ‘The Documentary’ 10th Anniversary Concert

By | 8 Comments

Game celebrated the big anniversary of his debut with Compton's finest.


Florida Police Piss People Off By Using Black Suspects’ Mug Shots For Target Practice

By | 30 Comments

Miami police catch heat for using Black people's photos for target practice.

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Women Are Using ‘Vacuum Therapy’ To Make Their Butts Bigger

By | 65 Comments

A Miami based clinic is now offering vacuum therapy for your butt.


Wait Until Blue Ivy Finds This Old Interview Of Jay Z Talking About Never Being In Love

By | 19 Comments

Jay Z didn't seem to care too much about being in love in this 1998 MTV interview.


Here’s A Video Of A Woman Having The Time Of Her Life On A Water Slide

By | 58 Comments

A simple video of a beautiful woman enjoying a water slide.


Kevin Gates Got Punched For Kissing Another Dude’s Girlfriend

By | 31 Comments

A fan takes a swing at Kevin Gates after the rapper kisses the fan's girl.

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