The Opening Credits For David Shore’s ‘Battle Creek’ Are Actually Pretty Cool

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From Vince Gilligan and 'House' Creator David Shore, the opening credits to 'Battle Creek' have us intrigued.


Vince Gilligan Thinks ‘The X-Files’ Will ‘Live Forever’ And Wants To Be A Part Of The Revival

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If his schedule doesn't allow it, he'll be watching with a "Dr. Pepper" and a "big bowl of popcorn." Maybe some mood lighting, too.

#Breaking Bad

Prepare Yourself For ‘Better Call Saul’ With These Facts About The ‘Breaking Bad’ Origin Story

By | 17 Comments

If Vince Gilligan had a Showtime subscription, we probably never would have gotten 'Breaking Bad.'


Walter White And Jesse Pinkman Will Not Appear In The First Season Of ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 11 Comments

The creators of 'Better Call Saul' say Walt and Jesse will not appear in season one, but other 'Breaking Bad' characters may appear.

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Ten New TV Shows To Keep Your Fingers Crossed For In 2015

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From Rainn Wilson's 'Backstrom' to SyFy's '12 Monkeys', there are plenty of new series to be excited and cautious about.


UPROXX Interview: Bill Burr Talks About His New Netflix Special, The Internet’s Wrath, And ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 23 Comments

For his newest Netflix comedy special, Bill Burr offers us insight on touring, ignoring outrage and his undying respect for Vince Gilligan.


Vince Gilligan’s CBS Network Drama ‘Battle Creek’ Now Has A Premiere Date

By | 9 Comments

CBS has finally set a premiere date for Vince Gilligan's highly anticipated network drama.


‘Better Call Saul’ Might Upend What You Think You Know About ‘Breaking Bad’

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'Better Call Saul' may force us to reinterpret scenes from 'Breaking Bad.'

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Patton Oswalt Is Joining Vince Gilligan’s ‘Battle Creek’ In The Perfect Guest Role

By | 2 Comments

Patton Oswalt is going to guest on Vince Gilligan's new CBS show and judging by the name, his character is fantastic.


We Finally Have Actual Plot Details For ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 17 Comments

"Better Call Saul" has an actual plot and no-fooling characters.


‘Mistake’ Or Not, ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Already Getting A Second Season From AMC

By | 23 Comments

AMC announced today that 'Better Call Saul' is already getting a second season order for 13 more episodes.


About The Time The Greatest Film Actor Of A Generation Literally Bowed Down To Aaron Paul

By | 44 Comments

The night before winning his Oscar for 'Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis met -- and bowed down to -- Aaron Paul.


Conspiracy Theories And The Accidental Origin Of ‘Breaking Bad’: The Weird Pop Culture History Of HAARP

By | 3 Comments

Without HAARP, there may have been no 'Breaking Bad.' Let's go inside the weird pop culture history of an unassuming scientific facility.


Check Out The Cast Of Vince Gilligan’s New TV Show ‘Battle Creek’ In A Police Lineup

By | 19 Comments

Here's our first look at Vince Gilligan's police procedural, 'Battle Creek,' starring Dean Winters and Kal Penn. The pilot was directed by Bryan Singer.

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