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In Which Vincent Kartheiser From 'Mad Men' Channels His Inner Rust Cohle

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"Happiness is a frivolous emotion" might be the new "Time is a flat circle."

Mad Men

Vincent Kartheiser Says Pete Campbell Was Afraid Of Getting Beaten Up By Bob Benson

By | 11 Comments

In a recent interview, Vincent Kartheiser says Pete Campbell didn't explode after the Bob Benson incident because he was afraid of getting beat up.


20 Fun, Obscure Facts You Might Not Know About The Cast Of ‘Mad Men’

By | 55 Comments

A fun compendium of lesser known facts about the cast of 'Mad Men.'

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Who’s More Punchable: Pete Campbell Or Joffrey?

By | 64 Comments

Let's solve this once and for all: who do you want to punch more, Pete Campbell on "Mad Men" or Joffrey on "Game of Thrones"?

Mad Men

Pete Campbell Gets Punched In The Face A Lot In Real Life, Too

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It turns out the actor who plays Pete Campbell on "Mad Men," Vincent Kartheiser, just punched in the face just as much as his on-screen counterpart.

Mad Men

Guy Who Plays Pete Campbell Acknowledges The Extreme Punchability Of His Face

By | 6 Comments

If there's one thing that the internet picked up on early in regards to Mad Men's Pete Campbell, it's that he has an exceedingly punchable face.


Mad Men: Just the Badass Parts

By | 13 Comments

Last night's episode of "Mad Men" ("The Rejected") was a delight to watch.


Shut Up, Vincent Kartheiser

By | 20 Comments

Vincent Kartheiser, better known as smarmy sh*tweasel Pete Campbell in "Mad Men," gave an <a href="" target="_blank">interview to The Guardian</a> in which he's revealed to be either fascinating, hippie scum, or full of crap.

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