Amazon’s AutoRip Goes Vinyl

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Bought vinyl off Amazon? You're about to get the MP3 version.

records made out of ice

Ice Is The New Vinyl, You Guys!

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Some are understandably calling hoax on this record made out of ice, but I think it's for real and HOLY SH*T!!!


Finally, A Perfect Use for All These Dead Hipsters

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I know how this guy's getting cremated after I stab him ironically.


6.12 The Cooler

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Samantha del Valle Doing The Pretty Face Friday Thing I’m Sorry But They All Look Like Dudes [Don Chavez] Cher's Daughter Chastity To Change Gender [EW] Top 10 TILFs (Toys I'd Like To...) [Street Level] Lego Jesus Was Assembled For Your Sins [Gearfuse] Kobe Bryant’s [...].


“Because The Boyz In The Hood Are Always Hard…”

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There's a nice hiss & pop of the vinyl for this rip.


DJ House Shoes Presents The King James Version

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By now you should be familiar with that chain-smoking titan from Detroit that calls himself <a href="">DJ House Shoes</a>.


4.28 The Cooler

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Titillating Tuesdays With Naomi Cruz EW's 50 Most Heartbreaking Songs of All Time [EW] Austin City Limits Lineup Features Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Mos Def [News 8 Austin] Best Buy Turning The Tables With Vinyl [NY Post] 10 Porn Stars Who Gave Their Bods [...].


“Broken Chains…”

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You can check the link for the full story behind this one, but essentially it's the masters, unreleased vocals & instrumentals that lead to a sometimes forgotten Hip-Hop opus.


Mr. T’s Commandments

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Strictly for the archives.


“Come Shop With Me…”

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As a consumer, three of my favorite things are.


The Almighty RSO – “We’re Notorious” 12″ Vinyl

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Raydog aka Benzino holdin it down like the menacing force that he is.

Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 1

DJ Premier – Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 1-Vinyl-2008

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For you aspiring rappers or those of you looking for silent music to pair with your time @ the gym, here's a collection of instrumentals by Premo.

Leaders Of The New School

Leaders Of The New School – Classic Material Bw Spontaneous VLS

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01 04:00 Classic Material (Album Version) 02 04:12 Classic Material (Remix Vocal) 03 04:00 Classic Material (Album Instrumental) 04 04:40 Spontaneous (13 Mc's Deep) (Album Vocal) 05 05:22 Spontaneous (13 Mc's Deep) (Remix Vocal) 06 04:40 Spontaneous (13 Mc's Deep) (Album Instrumental) <a href="">Leaders_Of_The_New_School-Classic_Material_Bw_Spontaneous-VLS-1993</a>.

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Kool G Rap And DJ Polo – Ill Street Blues Bw Fuck U Man-VLS-1992

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Conventional wisdom would say that this was posted for you to archive "Ill Street Blues.

King Just

“Warrior’s Drum”

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Only image I could find but this is actually a vinyl rip.


“Follow The Leader…”

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I just finished reading Grandmaster Flash's autobiography, The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash (More on the book later), and this particular excerpt that had to be shared.

CD sales

Reel To Real…

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The past few days & weeks I've watched myself go through a minor change.

Record Players

No Such Thing As Free…

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A friend of mine recently suggested I start reviewing things I want people to send me.

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