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A Lions Fan Busted A Stranger’s Wife For Cheating At The Thanksgiving Game And Left Him A Note

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Did this man do the right thing by outing a woman who was cheating on her husband?

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The ‘Drunk Girl’ In The ‘Drunk Girl In Public’ Video Also Claims She Was Duped

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Jennifer Box, the 24-year-old actress from the 'drunk girl in public' hoax video, has come forward to apologize for her involvement.

Internet Hoaxes

A ‘Drunk Girl Walking Around’ Hoax Video Duped A Bunch Of Guys Into Acting Like Sexual Predators

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Dude. These guys getting duped into basically acting like a bunch of rapists is SO messed up.


Everybody Relax, Banksy Wasn’t Arrested And Exposed As A 35-Year-Old Man

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People are going bananas because fake news website claiming to be satire reported that Banksy was arrested and his identity revealed.

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A Louisville Teen Tricked The Cops Into Thinking A ‘Purge’ Was Coming

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Louisville authorities thought the plot of "The Purge" was going to happen in real life. It didn't.

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The Story About The Young Girl Being Kicked Out Of KFC May Have Been A Hoax

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KFC has turned to a third-party investigator to determine whether or not the 3-year old dog attack victim was in one of its restaurants.


Let’s Remember Celebs Besides Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ Who’ve Been Falsely Declared Dead By The Internet

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These celebrities seem to be constantly dying according to social media. You're nobody until somebody falsely reports that you're dead.


Let's Check In With Balloon Boy, One Of The Most Viral News Stories Of 2009

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The family of "Balloon Boy" appeared on HLN's Morning Express to check in and show everyone that they're just as creepy and dysfunctional as ever.


A Facebook Photo Of A (Fake) Winning Powerball Ticket Has Been Shared 2 Million Times


If a picture looks too good to be true, it's usually too good to be true, like the recently viral Facebook photo of a man and his winning Powerball ticket.

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Here’s A Collection Of Extremely Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Foolish People Are Falling For

By | 16 Comments

A guide to whether the photos you're seeing of Hurricane Sandy on Facebook and Twitter are real. ANSWER: they're probably not.

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