Did This Awkward Ohio State Fan Get Caught Cheating On Live Television?

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Caught red-handed on national TV doing something you're not supposed to be doing? Ouch.

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Tony Allen’s Son Gave Him A Belated Christmas Gift He Won’t Soon Forget


The Grizzlies' Tony Allen had a Kodak moment with his son.

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A Detroit Newspaper Ran A Picture Of The Wrong ‘Coach Harbaugh’ On Their Front Page


We're pretty sure that's not Jim Harbaugh on the front page of today's Detroit Free Press.

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Bill Clinton Has No Use For Hover Hands

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Bill Clinton is the most interesting man in the world.


Here’s What Porn Stars Look Like Without Their Makeup

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Those lovely ladies you see in adult films have acne you guys. Sorry to break it to you.


Brandon Crawford’s Baby Has The Best World Series Celebration


What does Bill Nye have to say about this baby diving head first?


For Your Consideration, Here Is A Baby Projectile Pooping During A Photoshoot

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A photographer had a new dad hold his nude baby for a newborn photoshoot and then the baby did what babies do.

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Today Is Brought To You By The Best Dog Toy Ever

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It's almost Friday, so here is a toy with a toy that makes it look like it has a big cartoon smile.

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Guess What Happened To These Kids Who Took Prom Photos While Crowded Onto A Small Bridge?

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These high school students in Piece, Nebraska made the mistake of gathering on a bridge on the property of their classmate to take some photos before prom.

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12 Too Good To Be True Viral Photo Hoaxes

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A list of 12 visual hoaxes that have been played on the suspecting folk known as Internet users.

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