It’s An Absolute Miracle That This Old Man Wasn’t Hit By A Train

By | 7 Comments

This video of a 77-year old Czech man narrowly (and cluelessly) escaping the path of a train is downright amazing.

college baseball

Hey YouTube Commenters, Do You Think Navy Baseball’s Tribute To ‘Frozen’ Is Gay?

By | 5 Comments

We checked with the Internet oracles in the YouTube comments of the viral Navy baseball 'Frozen' video to find out what they think of it.

billy on the street

Watch Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Shock People On The Street By Revealing Amy Poehler Is Not Pitbull

By | 11 Comments

Come for the weird premise, stay for Billy's Free Birds jokes (and gimmick validation at the end).


Bored Russian Firefighters Made A Hovercraft, Did Not Fill It With Eels

By | 2 Comments

Meanwhile in Russia, some bored firefighters passed the time by making their own working hovercraft out of fire hoses and a trampoline.

it's funny because they're scared

Watch This Comedian Cruelly And Hilariously Scare His Girlfriend Repeatedly

By | 13 Comments

A comedian has put together a Vine compilation on YouTube of him scaring the living crap out of his girlfriend.


This Adorable Toddler With Bad Pronunciation Tells You Where You Can Shove It


Lloyd is a one-and-a-half year-old half Canadian, half Swedish toddler with a unique accent and some pronunciation issues.

Viral Videos

And Now We Finally Have The Long-Awaited Footage Of Cats Reacting To Magic

By | 6 Comments

It's probably not all that hard to figure out how cats react to magic.


This Video Of A Stray Dog Getting Rescued Will Make You Feel All Of The Feels

By | 10 Comments

The transformation of a skittish stray dog into a loving companion is absolutely heartwarming.


UPROXX Video: Time To Party With The 5-Second Films Spring Break Compilation

By | 3 Comments

The latest 5SF mega compilation wraps all things spring and break (and alcohol and drugs and homicide) related into a neat little package.


Watch Improv Everywhere Bring Spider-Man To Real Life New York

By | 2 Comments

Improv Everywhere brought Spider-Man to real life, as he jumped off a 20 story building, swung to the street, and saved Mary Jane from being kidnapped.

local commercials

Stop Everything Right Now And Watch This Insane Local Plumbing And Heating Commercial

By | 29 Comments

The Hiller Plumbing and Heating company out of Knoxville, Tennessee is one of the best arguments we've seen for focus groups.


It's Baby Vs. Puppy In This Adorable Video: Who Ya Got?

By | 7 Comments

Who's the reigning champion of cute? The baby or this puppy?


The Worst Person Ever Giving A Tinder Tutorial Should Hopefully Scare You Away From Using Tinder

By | 12 Comments

This Tinder "tutorial" demonstrates why you should stay far the hell away from Tinder.

Viral Videos

Here's Every Movie Reference On 'Community' Mashed Together In One Must Watch Supercut

By | 19 Comments

Watch (almost) all of Community's most excellent movie homages and parodies in (almost) chronological order.

competitive eating

Here Is A Man Eating Eighteen Taco Bell Breakfast Tacos In Six Minutes. You’re Welcome!

By | 3 Comments

A competitive eater named Jamie "The Bear" McDonald celebrated the launch of Taco Bell's new breakfast menu by eating 18 breakfast tacos in six minutes.


Watch This Teeny Tiny Little Dog Throw The Hell Down Over A Bowl Of Kibble

By | 7 Comments

This mean little jerk chihuahua is refusing to let a bigger dog near its food dish.


This Insane Footage Of A 61 Car Pileup On Minnesota's Highway 55 Will Make You Crap Your Pants

By | 9 Comments

A chain-reaction crash on Minnesota's Highway 55 caused by slick conditions resulted in a sixty-one car pileup.

Viral Videos

Watch These Two Guys Perfectly Spoof Two Dogs Sharing An Ice Cream Cone

By | 3 Comments

The Dogs Sharing An Ice Cream Cone spoof that we never knew we needed but can't live without is finally here!

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