meat markets in the sky

Richard Branson Wants To Turn Virgin Airlines Into A Flying Meat Market In The Sky, Apparently

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Flying sucks enough as it is? Does Virgin America really need to enable creeps with the ability to hit on passengers trapped in a tube in the sky?


Virgin America Wins The Prize For Today's Best Tribute To Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch


After Adam “MCA” Yauch's <a href="">passing last Friday</a>, tributes have been showing up everywhere, like <a href="">these</a> and <a href="">this</a>.


Kevin Smith Still Sucks at Flying

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Famously<a href="" target="_blank"> too-fat-to-fly</a> guy Kevin Smith had more plane trouble recently, and after sopping up his gravy tears with some leftover biscuits, he sat his tubby ass down in an orthopedic swing and hammered out an angry blog.

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