This Teen Found Tweeting From The Toilet Beneficial When He Ran Out Of Paper During A Train Ride

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This teen thought it'd be fun to Tweet about the lack of toilet paper in his train's bathroom, but turns out Virgin Trains was reading too.

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Want To Know How You Can See Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Icona Pop, And More For Free?


Vampire Weekend, the Avett Brothers, Icona Pop, MGMT, and Pretty Lights are playing for free at Virgin FreeFest 2013. Here's how you can go.


Richard Branson Dressed Up As The World’s Ugliest Woman After Losing A Bet

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See photos of the very rich Richard Branson dressed as a very ugly woman.


Our Plans To Shoot Ashton Kutcher Into Space Are Coming To Fruition

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[via] Operation "Launch Kelso Into The Sun" is entering Stage One.


Let’s Get Down To Business

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According to new research from Sandvine, Netflix is kicking ass and taking names.

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Virgin to Legitimize Gambling on Video Games

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Have you ever sat down to play a game of "Madden" or "Call of Duty", and thought, "You know, this is fun, but it'd be even more fun if I could put down real money and lose it to total strangers over the Internet who do nothing but obsessively play this game".

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