Forget Craigslist, This Guy’s YouTube Ad For His Used Volvo Is Spectacular

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A man in Sweden created a YouTube video for his used Volvo that he's trying to sell, and he should have no problem once it goes viral.


Jean Claude Van Damme Attempts To Top His Volvo Split By Taking It Into Zero Gravity

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Jean Claude Van Damme wowed us all with his epic split for a Volvo ad, but now he's back in this sequel with an attempt in zero gravity.


Turns Out Jean Claude Van Damme Made Volvo A Ton Of Money Doing The Splits

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Jean Claude Van Damme's popular ad for Volvo was more than just a viral hit.


Channing Tatum Made A Parody Of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Ad

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While on the set of 22 Jump Street, Channing Tatum recorded a parody video of Jean Claude Van Damme's Volvo ad.

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Watch Channing Tatum Duplicate Jean Claude Van Damme’s Epic Splits With Hilarious Results

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Channing Tatum basically proves that Jean Claude Van Damme has no testicles.


Here’s A Strange Mashup Of Rob Ford And The Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo Ad


For some reason, here's a very creepy mashup of Toronto mayor Rob Ford and the Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo ad.


Jean Claude Van Damme Does An Epic Split In A New Volvo Commercial

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Volvo claims that this new commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme doing a split on two moving trucks is real. It sure looks real.


Here’s A Hamster Driving A Semi, Courtesy Of Volvo

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Volvo decided to re-enact 'The Wages of Fear' with a hamster steering the truck.


This Death Defying Slackline Stunt Is One Of The Coolest Things I've Ever Seen

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Faith Dickey, the world record holder for slackline, battles in the wind to cross the line between two speeding trucks.


The Ballerina Stunt


To test (and promote) some new Volvo technology, world record-holding highliner Faith Dickey attempts to walk a rope between two speeding trucks before they reach a tunnel.


Jeremy Lin Is Getting An Endorsement Deal

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Things are not going very well for the New York Knicks, as last night’s 104-99 loss to the Chicago Bulls extended their losing streak to 6 games and dropped them 6 games below.

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