Wafeek – ERA: Act 1 EP

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After being dealt a few terrible hands in life that warranted an extended hiatus from Hip-Hop, Wafeek returns with fury on his latest EP, ERA: Act 1.


Wafeek – Monster: The Mixtape

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At a certain point, there's a need to cut the previews and cue the main attraction. Wafeek has a proven track record for crafting projects that are creative and connected in theme, ones that tell the story well enough on their own and making our job a hell of a lot easier.


Wafeek – “Hush”

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One of the reasons Wafeek is one of my favorite rappers is that he’s the master of many styles.


Wafeek – “Monster”

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Wafeek's music has never been short of wit and imagery, making it better visualized and seen than heard.


TSS Presents The Pack Vol. 2

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Since we had decent fun and success with Volume 1, we figured we would ahead present The Pack Volume 2 to share tracks that crossed our radar over the past week.


Feek In Flux

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We haven't been shy about declaring our support and love for all things Wafeek, but giving him the benefit of the doubt on an Auto-Tune project centered around a girlfriend break up.


“Gettin’ High Watchin’ Family Guy…”

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The minor sh*tstorm that came about regarding Black Spade, Charles Hamilton & "Shinin'" made me go back & pull out To Serve, With Love.


Wafeek In ’85…

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If you thought Wafeek was dropping The Aristocats Mixtape just for the sake of telling his kids he was an internet rapper once upon a time, you're sadly mistaken.


“The Show & Prove State”

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Pics By Peace.Images Track managed to send over some pics from the Pangea (comprised of Wafeek & Rockwell Knuckles) show that went down a week or so ago.


Wafeek – “The Hollows” Video

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We know you're still bumping The Aristocrats, but Wafeek's still got good good for you.


The Week That Was: “Countin’ Down The Hits!” Edition

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Six Posts That Should Have Gotten A Lot More Attention.


“Romance Is Back…”

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GV the Saltine -- yo, that “Romance Is Back” track was missing from the zip file.

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