Mark Wahlberg says his Wahlburgers show will surprise people, just like ‘Ted’ did.

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Laugh at Marky Mark's Wahlburger reality show all you want, he says it's going to surprise some people, just like Ted surprised his wife even though she thought it was a terrible idea.


A Wahlburgers reality show starring Mark & Donnie Wahlberg is coming to A & E

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A Wahlburger's Restaurant reality show is coming to A & E, and will star Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg, as well as the real-life Johnny Drama. POW!


Wahlburgers Restaurant is Expanding Into Canada!

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As the only film site that offered a review of Wahlburgers, the Hingham, Massachusetts restaurant started by Marky, Donnie, and Pauly Wahlberg, it is my honor to relay to you the news that the chain now has plans to expand into Canada.


Marky Mark’s Wahlburgers: A FilmDrunkard’s Review

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From the very first moment we heard about Mark and Donny Wahlberg opening a Wahlburgers restaurant in the Hingham Shipyard with their brother Paul as head chef (pictured), all I could think was FACK ME STANDIN', TAWMMY, MAHKY'S GAWT A RESTRINT.


Mark & Donnie Wahlberg Opening ‘Wahlburgers’ Restaurant. No, Really.

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In what sounds like the awesomest, movie-themed food truck idea we never came up with, Mark Wahlberg, along with his brother Donnie Wahlberg, will be opening a restaurant called "Wahlburgers.

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