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A North Carolina Man Allegedly Posed As A Wal-Mart Shoe Salesman To Suck Toes

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This North Carolina man decided that Wal-Mart was the place to go to in order to suck random toes.


Here’s Video Of A Man Getting Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart For Videotaping Pathetic Black Friday Madness

By | 15 Comments

Need a good excuse to avoid shopping on Black Friday? This clip should be all the evidence you need.


Florida Friday: Woman shot by oven while trying to make waffles

By | 27 Comments

By now, we're all familiar with the ubiquitous "<a href="" target="_blank">Florida Man</a>" stories.


Wal-Mart Snuffs The Kindle In Its Stores


Wal-Mart will no longer sell the Kindle in a literal sense, not just a figurative one. Seriously, who bought this thing from Wal-Mart?


Wal-Mart Wants You To Pay Sales Taxes When You Buy From Amazon

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And we thought Sergey Brin <a href="">had a massive pair on him</a>; today it's been revealed that the Alliance for Main Street Fairness, which consists of mom-and-pop shops like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Sears, is whining to the federal government about how <a href=";topStories">AMAZON DOESN'T HAVE TO COLLECT SALES TAX AND THAT'S NOT FAAAAAA-AAAAAIRRRR</a>, and they're doing it by.

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