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These ‘Walking Dead’ Characters Would Have Worn Red Shirts On ‘Star Trek’

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I think we can all admit that 'The Walking Dead' has it's fair share of characters who appear just to die, like the "red shirts" on 'Star Trek'.

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Rickjected: New ‘The Walking Dead’ Poster May Reveal Tensions Among Group

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A new poster for the mid-season return of 'The Walking Dead' suggests some more trouble in store for the group, with Rick standing alone.

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This Mash-Up Of Kills From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is The Classiest Thing You’ll See Today

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Ever wondered what the brutal kill shots of 'The Walking Dead' would look like set to classical music? Wonder no more.

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More Of Our Favorite Cosplay From San Diego Comic-Con

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Here are some of our favorite costumes from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, The Avengers, and more.


These Actors Auditioned So Well That Television Roles Were Changed To Suit Them

By | 35 Comments

Ten instances in which a television character was changed to suit the actor.


EW Ranks The 50 Best TV Scenes Of The Last Year, Neglects To Include The Greatest Scene OF A GENERATION

By | 47 Comments

EW does a nice ranking job, except they forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE OF THE CENTURY.


Six Must-Have Smartphone Apps From 2012

By | 11 Comments

There are a lot of smartphone apps floating around out there, whether you're on Android or iOS.


7.25 The Cooler

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Anna Sophia "Walking Dead" Season 2 Trailer: It.

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