Suzanne Somers Wrote An Error-Filled WSJ Op-Ed Calling Obamacare A ‘Socialist Ponzi Scheme’

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For some reason the WSJ let Suzanne Somers write an op-ed as an "expert" answering the question, "What will the Affordable Care Act mean for retirees?"


Tony La Russa Has 17 Cats In His Home And He Can Name All Of Them

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In a recent profile by the Wall Street Journal, Tony La Russa revealed that he currently has 17 cats in his home and he can name them all.


You Just Knew Fox News Would Do Something Special On The 50th Anniversary Of The March On Washington

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Fox News reporting a Wall Street Journal story about rap music makes Rupert Murdoch very happy.


The Wall Street Journal Will Launch A Social Network


In a bid for relevancy, the Wall Street Journal will launch a social network. It might be as popular as Google+!

hacking hackers

Chinese Hackers Have Been Hacking The New York Times And Wall Street Journal For Months


Hacking Chinese hackers have been hacking all over the hacking place. Damn Chinese hackers!


WSJ Columnist Questions Chivalrous Acts Of Aurora Shootings, Is Probably A Horrible Boyfriend

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Last night, after reading about the three men who died shielding their girlfriends from bullets in the Aurora, Colorado shootings, Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto appeared to openly question on Twitter whether or not the girls whose lives were saved were worthy of such chivalry.


The Wall Street Journal Thinks The Free Market Would Have Invented The Internet

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The Internet, especially the underlying technology of the Internet, was built by governments. This is not something that Rupert Murdoch-owned bastion of capitalism, the Wall Street Journal, wants to hear.


Ruh Roh

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The Wall Street Journal recently did a big story on the progress of Conan O'Brien's TBS show over the past year, and seeing as the piece is titled "Conan Falls Flat in Season 1," it's.

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