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Stephen Colbert Can’t Wait To Cash In On Twitter’s IPO Just Like He Cashed In On Facebook

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The upcoming Twitter IPO is going to make a lot of people very rich, and Stephen Colbert plans to be among them.


This Banker Bro Email Is A Mighty Persuasive Argument For Ending Capitalism

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This banker bro email is so terrible that you may find yourself suddenly warming up to the concept of communism after reading it.


BREAKING: Apple Is Still Basically Printing Money

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Today Apple reported quarterly revenue of $35.97 billion, beating estimates of $35.82 billion, and sales of 29.6 million iPhones, beating estimates of 25 million. And the world spins madly on.


Netflix Not Doing Well Enough For Wall Street

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$900 million? In three months? NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NETFLIX!

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Meet The Boxing Trainer Wall St. 'Miscreants' Pay To Be Viciously Insulted By

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At one point during my time living in New York I had a roommate who was an aspiring fashion designer who supported herself while attending design school by working as a dominatrix.

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Wall St. Bankers Using Online Food Delivery Service Seamless Web To Defraud Their Own Firms


If you live in a major city like New York, Washington or Chicago, there's a chance you may have utilized the services of <a href="">Seamless Web</a> to order food online to be delivered to you.


This Foul-Mouthed Irishman In Need Of A Pint Should Really Be The Spokesman For Occupy Wall Street

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I want to spend a weekday afternoon pounding pints in a centuries-old bar in the Irish countryside with this guy.

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Watch HBO’s ‘Too Big To Fail’ In 80 Seconds


Did you, like me, miss the airing of HBO's much-hyped <a href="">"Too Big To Fail"</a> -- the star-studded film on the Wall Street collapse adapted from <a href="">Andrew Ross Sorkin's book</a> of the same title -- on Monday night.


Fox Wants Woman to Pay $15 Million for Posting Scripts They Didn’t Read

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According to a <a href="" target="_blank">Hollywood Reporter</a> story, "Twentieth Century Fox is taking aggressive steps to keep its movie and TV scripts off of the Internet.


“The Devil’s In The Details…”

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I caught the end of the <a href="">Larry King Show when Robin Givens</a> was on there speaking on the <a href="">Chris Brown/Rihanna incident</a>.



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It was <a href="" target="_blank">just yesterday</a> that the official line from Hollywood was that people were so fed up with bad financial news that they were looking for any escape from reality, even it meant seeing a movie about rapping chihuahuas alone.



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A good indication of how f-ed we are: Michael Douglas, who once won an Oscar for playing a Wall Street guy, was at the U.

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