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So Is It Alright For Meryl Streep To Call Walt Disney A Bigot Or What? Let’s Ask Everyone.

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Meryl Streep called Walt Disney a bigot and a lot of people got quite upset. Walt Disney was not one them.

Walt Disney

8 Disney Songs From Your Childhood That Are Secretly Punk Rock

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"Painting the Roses Red" is about as punk rock as it gets.


Disney Told Jerry To Go Bruck Himself

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Okay maybe not, but I really wanted to use that title.


Walt Disney’s Sin City: The Mash-Up You’ve Been Waiting For (Video)


You know, I've always felt that Frank Miller's SIN CITY and Walt Disney's plethora of animated features had a lot in common.


James Cameron’s Avatar Heads To Disney Parks


You know, I thought it exhausting enough just getting my lazy ass to the movie theater to see James Cameron's Avatar.


TRON:Legacy Behind The Scenes, 15 Minutes Of Olivia Wilde Flirting

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So, I'm not too sure if anyone has heard about this upcoming movie called <a href="">TRON:Legacy</a>, set to release on December 17th, but I think it's about high school techno raves or something -possibly it's got that guy from Facebook in it, maybe- maybe not.



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<a href=""> <a href="">JoBlo</a> just posted <a href="">this video </a>of Destino, a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney (who no doubt bonded over their mutual love of fascism).

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