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This Kickstarter For A ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel With Val Kilmer and Slash Is The Greatest TV Show Idea Ever

By | 15 Comments

Val Kilmer, Slash, and Laura San Giacomo will star in the Three-Wolf Moon T-shirt equivalent of a TV show.

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Bryan Cranston Dropped An All-New Walter White Bombshell On CNN

By | 17 Comments

If you thought that the ending of 'Breaking Bad' was just that, Bryan Cranston is ready to throw some gas on the conspiracy fire.


A Walter White Lookalike Is Robbing Banks In Florida, Because Florida

By | 3 Comments

A 'Breaking Bad' themed bank robber is terrorizing Florida. That's hard to do.


Watch Rick Grimes Take On Walter White In An All-AMC ‘Epic Rap Battle’

By | 8 Comments

Two of AMC's most important leading men trade rhymes and insults.


Watch Walter White Transform From Good To Evil In This Lovely Supercut

By | 6 Comments

Walter White was a baaaad man. But he wasn't always that way. He got there gradually over time.


A Florida Man Was Busted With $1 Million Worth Of Meth And A Walter White Doll

By | 2 Comments

After federal agents discovered $1 million worth a meth in a Florida man's home, a Walter White doll was also found in his truck.


The 'What If Walter White Told Stupid Chemistry Jokes' Meme Is God's Gift To Lame Dads

By | 22 Comments

What if Walter White was a amateur comedian? What if Walter White loved chemistry puns? It'd be a better world, is all I'm saying.


Here’s Every Outfit Walter White Ever Wore On ‘Breaking Bad,’ Illustrated

By | 10 Comments

Behold, a lot of different ways to accessorize your underpants...


Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Are Expected To Make Cameos In ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 15 Comments

Looks like we may get to see some more Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, after all.


Bryan Cranston Looked A Little Tense At The Dodgers/Cardinals Game Last Night

By | 9 Comments

Bryan Cranston is apparently a Dodgers fan. Walter White, meanwhile, remains a Phillies fan.


Don’t Even Bother, Parents, These ‘Breaking Bad’ Kids Have Already Won Halloween

By | 14 Comments

Aaron Paul Tweeted this amazing photo of two kids dressed as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.


Walter White As A Phillies Fan Was Too Far For The ‘Breaking Bad’ Writers To Go

By | 18 Comments

Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz tweeted that he wanted to make Walter White a Philadelphia Phillies fan, but that it would've made him too unlikable.


Walter White’s Funeral To Be Held This Weekend In Albuquerque

By | 7 Comments

An Albuquerque steakhouse is holding a funeral for Walter White. Proceeds will go to charity.


Someone Paid $9,900 For Walter White’s Underpants

By | 8 Comments

Someone at the "Breaking Bad" prop auction paid almost $10,000 for the tighty-whities Walter White wore in the show's pilot episode.


A Guide To Every Time Walter White Has Broken Bad

By | 51 Comments

A guide to every single time Walter White has done something evil on "Breaking Bad."


Walter White Reacts To Jeff Daniels’ Emmy Win


Breaking Bad's Walter White reacts to Jeff Daniels winning the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series over Bryan Cranston.


Walter White Shares This Week’s ‘New Yorker’ Cover With Syrian Dictator Bachar al-Assad

By | 3 Comments

A TV drug kingpin sharing space on the cover of the New Yorker with a thuggish dictator? Walter White, ladies and gentlemen.

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